‘Inferno’- Movie Review

*Spoilers* The third movie inspired by the Robert Langdon 'series' written by Dan Brown was recently released.  As a fan of the books and the two previous movies Angels and Demons and the classic The Da Vinci Code, I went to see it with some friends. While Inferno is technically the fourth book starring Langdon, The Lost Symbol … Continue reading ‘Inferno’- Movie Review


First Epsiode Friday-‘Legends Of Tomorrow’

First Episode Friday is a weekly feature where i watch the pilot episodes of both new and old television shows an share my thoughts! This week i watched the first episode of the new CW television show Legends of Tomorrow. This is their latest instalment of the DC superhero world they have created with The Flash and Arrow.  Legends of … Continue reading First Epsiode Friday-‘Legends Of Tomorrow’