Library Unhaul #1

As the title says, I will be saying goodbye to some of my books.

I am a book hoarder. I love buying books and the feeling of having a whole series lined up on a bookshelf is incredibly satisfying! Books are also part of a reward system for me, whenever I finish a long experiment or a presentation, I always head out and get myself a new book.

So why am I getting rid of some of my books?

Firstly, in the next few years I am hoping to move to the US to do a post doc. While i’ll try to bring as many of my books across the other side of the world with me, there for sure are some books I own that I did not like and will not read and I will not bring with me. So I may as well get rid of them now while I am feeling motivated!

Secondly, being a book hoarder, second hand book sales are my joy. This also means I buy lots of books simply because they are cheap and then not read them or not enjoy them or buy them just because.

And lastly, I don’t have much room on my bookshelves anymore.

Over the next few weeks i’ll be heading out to my little libraries (the ones where you take a book and leave a book) and dropping off my books so they can be used by other book lovers like me.

So, here are the books I am going to part with.

Brilliance is a duplicate copy I was sent by mistake, I DNF Kingdom of the Golden Dragon and won’t try it again and I picked up the individual books that are in the Robin Cook compilation.

I wont these at a quiz night and will not read them.

I got the Begin end Begin anthology free from Dymocks and I am not a huge anthology reader. I also got both of these Stroud books at a second hand sale and while the first book was OK, I do not intend on buying the second book to read and obviously, will not read the third.

Spontaneous was sent to me free from Dymocks and I didn’t enjoy it. The Fault in our Stars and Holding up the Universe again I am not a huge fan of and don’t feel the need to have them on my shelves.

There was no cover on Goodreads for the Penguin Teen 2017 Super-Proof. I got it free from Dymocks and again, will not read it. Both The Graces and Cell 7 I did not like and will not read the next books in the series. I hate having books on my shelves from series I will not finish!

Let me know your thoughts on any of these books or any books you have parted with from your library!


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