My Thoughts on the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2018 (So Far) as on Goodreads.

The third instalment in my Goodreads Science Fiction and Fantasy series is here (I am sure you were all waiting eagerly for this of course!) I thought it would be cool to have a look at what Goodreads lists as the best Science Fiction and Fantasy released so far in 2018, how many I have read and which ones I am considering reading.


2018 science fiction

THOUGHTS ON WHAT I HAVE READ: I received a copy of Head On by John Scalzi as an ARC and really enjoyed it.

BOOKS I HAVE HEARD OF: Of course I have heard of Iron Gold as it is part of one of my favourite science fiction series of all time! The only reason I have not read it yet as I am still waiting for it to be released in the same ‘edition’ as my other books by Pierce Brown. I has also heard of The Calculating Stars and added it to my TBR a little while ago. I also just remembered I got an ARC of The Freeze Frame Revolution which I haven’t read yet.

BOOKS ADDED TO MY TBR: I hadn’t heard of any of these books before and lots of them are continuing books in series, so I went back to the first book in the series to see if it was something I was interested in. The first book in The Machineries of Empire sounds interesting (The Revenant Gun is the book on the above list) and I added it to my TBR. Same with The Murderbot DiariesArtificial Condition above is the second in the series.) The Prefect Dreyfus Emergency series also sounds like a perfect crime/space thriller so I had to add it to my TBR too (book 2 is Elysium Fire above).

2018 Fantasy


BOOKS I HAVE HEARD OF: Circe is already on my TBR and I am keen to read it. I have already heard of The Dresden Files book (though I am way behind in the series) and Grey Sister is the second in a series that I want to read.

BOOKS ADDED TO MY TBR: Apart from the two books that are in series I already want to read, I am not super keen to add any of these onto my TBR at the moment.


I am way more interested in the Science Fiction books on these lists then the Fantasy books. Let me know if you have ready any of these or think they have missed any that should be included on this list!


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