My TBR is >300 Books Long, How Do I Decide What To Read Next? – Book Chats

It is the bane of every book blogger and book enthusiast- the infamous TBR list. It never gets shorter and with every book you read there is always two or three more added to the ever growing list of things you need to read.

At this stage, I don’t think I will ever get close to reading all of the books I would like too, and with over two hundred that I want to read- how do I decide what to read next? 

Welcome to the thought process of a book addict who is so indecisive about everything!

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I always endeavour to keep my TBR shelf at home under control.. especially after a couple huge hauls from second hand book sales. I look to my bookshelf at home to find my next read and I think there is nothing more satisfying then seeing your physical shelf of books to read getting smaller!

This isn’t always the case though. I have some books that have been sitting on my TBR shelf for at least a year. I pick them up, seriously consider reading them, then end up moving on to read something else. Other times I go out and buy a book I want to read, put it on my TBR and then the next day pick it up and pretend I didn’t just go and buy it and ignore all my other books!

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I always try to read ARCs a couple week before they are released so I have ample time to write my review before they are published. This is the case 70% of the time. I have some reviews ready to go for books published in a couple weeks time, and for a small number of books I am a little behind in reading and reviewing them. I always try to keep my ARC list to around four or five so I don’t fall too far behind.

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I think every book lover knows when they are really feeling like reading a book and delving into a story, or when they know a couple pages in that it is not going to happen. I have picked up a book, gotten 10-50 pages in and then just felt to desire to keep reading it at that point in time –  I normally end up picking it up a couple weeks later. I have to really be feeling the book I am reading as my number one thing when deciding what to read is making sure I enjoy it.

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I normally do this when I am in a reading slump. If every book I pick up does nothing for me, I will turn to one of my old favourites to get back into the swing. There is nothing like reading a book you love to get you back into enjoying reading. I wrote a blog post on this a little while back!

What makes you want to read a book? How do you decide from the hundreds of books on your TBR which one to read next? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


6 thoughts on “My TBR is >300 Books Long, How Do I Decide What To Read Next? – Book Chats

  1. Swetlana @ The Caffeinated Bookworm Life says:

    I try to keep my TBR rather small – both the physical and digital one. I think I currently have about 40-50 books on my Goodreads Want To Read shelf with about 70 books that haven’t been released yet on a separate shelf (some which aren’t going to be released until 2019 or 2020 even) and I go through both pretty regularly to make sure I only keep books on them that I actually want to read. And as far as my physical TBR shelf goes, I probably have about 10-15 books on there that I hope to get to soon. Most of them were part of a used books haul that escalated my TBR shelf quite a bit.

    And then when it comes to picking up a book I want to read it’s usually simply what I’m in the mood for. I never make actual plans for any given month of what I want to read because that’ll usually end in me NOT reading any of the books – even though I was super excited about them. The only time I have somewhat of an idea of what I want to read is whenever a new release is coming out that I have been looking forward to for months and months. Those I’ll usually get to pretty quickly! No one wants to be spoiled, right?


  2. Elley says:

    My Goodreads TBR is well over a thousand books huge, and my physical pile at home is out of control. That’s not even taking into account everything I have digital copies of… Oy vey. I just started reading ARCs for NetGalley and BookishFirst, so I try to keep those as well as requests from the library (that have a due date!) at the top of my pile. Now that I just started a bookish blog, I suppose I should keep new releases and books I’ve pre-ordered at the top of my list too!! There just need to be more hours in the day reserved just for reading. 🙂


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    • Caitstiel says:

      I know, its hard to not only read all of the books released a while back you discover AND keep on top of all of the recent releases AND ARCs! Prioritising what to read is so hard as I want to read everything!


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