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I am super excited for this weeks Top 5 Wednesday! Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly feature which challenges you to make a list of 5 books that fit a certain theme or prompt. This weeks list is all about series where the second book is the best!

This is actually a pretty hard topic for me as I always seem to love the last book in a series the most and all too often the second book is the one that lets me down.

I ended up finally coming up with 4 for my list after spending way too much time at work thinking about this topic.


16248068The Elite by Kiera Cass

I loved the first three books of this series (the fourth and fifth books, not so much) and and out of the those three, I think I enjoyed ‘The Elite’ the most. Here we saw all of the characters develop a little bit more, the love triangle that America finds herself fully develops, and we have a nice middle ground of characters-all of the boring ones have been eliminated but we are not down to the final few yet.

13581990The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa

I read this series quite a while ago, and I remember liking the second book ‘The Eternity Cure’ the most out of the trilogy. We follow our main character after she has become more comfortable with being a Vampire, so I found this book was more interesting as the first book was her becoming used to being supernatural and the last book was a little too dramatic and and had a little too much romance.

26864835Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin

While I really loved the first book in this duology, the story really comes into its own in this second book. The characters have already been introduced, the setting has been explored and we start this book right after the action of the first. I highly recommend both of these books to anyone who is interested in reading a YA action book set in an alternative universe where Germany won WWII.

20983366Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken

I also enjoyed the second book in the ‘Passenger’ series a little more then the first book (apart from the weird introduction of the supernatural aspect to the book that was just bought up right at the end of the book). This was another series that really benefited from having the first book introduce all of the characters and the gist of the story so the second book could have all of the action.


I only ended up thinking of 4 books for my list, and even then I still struggled!

Share with me your lists for this week and any book recommendations you have for me,

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7 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday- Second Book is Best

    1. I normally love either the first or the last in the series. It is so rare that the middle books are the best of the bunch….and for me the second book of most series is actually the worst!

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      1. I’m now going through all the series I have read trying to think of one and am getting nothing. There are a lot of series where all the books are more or less the same (either brilliant or meh) and then all the rest are a clear first book winner, with maybe 2 series I thought got better with age. Also a few 3rd book is best.

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