I am finally back to blogging after a pretty stressful week! I had a couple experiments going so unfortunately I was not able to write the book reviews I wanted and while I keep meaning to schedule posts in advance, sometimes I don’t have the time. Anyways, I will stop making excuses and get into the review of the latest Netgalley ARC I have read.



America, Inc. by Mikael Carlson

3/5 Stars

Pub 21st May 2017

America, Inc.’ is described as a political thriller, but I would more readily class it as an action book with hints of science fiction scattered throughout. Set in a future where governments have been

replaced by corporations and their subsidiaries, and the people are divided into distinct classes based on their wealth-the majority of the population are the employees, while the top percentage fall into their own categories each having different wealth and influence on the ruling bodies.

We focus on a number of characters, each with different jobs and different roles within the complex story. The story follows these characters as they try to deal with the fallout of a major attack by a rebel group on the New York Intercorpex headquarters, the main share trading hub for the elite. These characters run their own investigation into the attack, into the main power players for the CEO and other high ranking positions, and the story climaxes as the rebel group carry out a major attack on Intercorpex and threatens to shatter the economy.

I thought the book had a really interesting concept and was set in such a detailed world, and raised some really relevant points about the power of corporations and the exploitation of the main population for financial gain. I enjoyed the futuristic setting and learning about the main powers and power struggles between countries and individuals fighting to get places on their board and at the head of a company.

That being said, I was very confused as to the exact story as at times too much was happening. Some of the major plot points were skimmed over and as we had so many characters, it was hard to keep track of what each of them was doing and their role in the current events. While in many books switching between a characters POV between chapters allows more exploration into their own story, it happened too often and too quickly in this book and I really wanted more detail into some of the characters.

The really unique setting and concept was let down by very rushed story telling, and at sometimes a little more explanation of major plot points would have helped the story flow more and be more impactful.



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