It feels like ages since I have posted a Top 5 Wednesday. I hope everyone has had a great week so far, and I am excited to get into this topic.

I have read some really amazing series over the last few years, and while some of them can go a little downhill as the series continues, the majority just get better and better with every book- and here are some of those!



A Court of Thorns and Roses-I was hooked from the first chapter of ACOTAR and it just got better (and more heartbreaking from there.) ACOMAF and ACOWAR were absolutely incredible…and as the series got better so did Rhysand!

The Lunar Chronicles- What I loved about this series was that every book, a new character was introduced. This meant we got to see more interesting dynamics, more romances, and the story grow from just Cinder and Kai to stopping the Lunar Queen taking over Earth.

Red Rising- I cannot praise this book series enough. The world and the characters are perfectly written and it is the perfect mix of action and science fiction that results in some epic space battles. Each book just escalates, in the first Darrow’s main concern was making it through the Academy and by the middle of Morning Star he is trying to overthrow the government.

Front Lines- This is such an amazing book series and I am so upset it does not get enough hype! Even though there have only been two books released so far, it is shaping up to be one of my favourite book series. The setting is just so unique (an alternative WWII were women are allowed to enlist in the American Army) and it has multiple strong female characters.

The Illuminae Files- I am so hyped for Obsidio to be released next year. These books are so unique in their format and how the story is told. I did not think Gemina would be able to live up to the high expectations I had of the series after Illuminae, I was pleasantly surprised and I think I enjoyed it more then the first book in the series.



I hope you like this week T5W as much as I liked writing it! I could have included so many more books in this list and so many of the book series I adore always get better and better (lets never speak of The Inheritance Cycle though…). Let me know what book series you think get better with every book.

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