I have had this ARC for ages and only now did I finally get around to reading it. Overall, I really liked the story but the writing and characterisation needed a little work to take the book to the next level.

*I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*



Write to Die by Charles Rosenberg

‘Write to Die’ is a thriller with a heavy focus on lawyers, trials and investigation. When a reclusive movie star returns to the spotlight claiming her script was stolen by a high profile director, Rory is called in by the studio to win the case and ensure the movie gets to premier. However, when Rory finds the director murdered in his office and his partner facing the murder charge, he works with his newly hired associate Sarah, to fit the pieces together and uncover the truth behind the script and the murderer on the loose.

I really liked the story-especially as I am a huge fan of crime books and books that delve into criminal trials and the nitty gritty of the law. I felt that the plot was really well paced as we worked through the two different trials Rory is tasked with trying to navigate, with exciting interludes featuring Sarah’s off the record investigations. I particularly enjoyed all of the courtroom scenes, and the authors law background really shone as the back and forward between the two lawyers in both the civil and criminal trials go head to head. The ending gave enough closure for me to be satisfied with how everything played out, but also did not eliminate all of the loose ends, which would have made everything seem a little too perfect and explained for a crime/thriller book. I actually did not see the revelation of who the murderer was coming, which does not happen often as I read a lot of crime books.

Now to get into the things I did not like about the book. While the characters were interesting, I felt that the writing let them down. The dialogue was so forced and many times the characters said something that no one would ever say in real life. Their interactions with each other were also so forced, with Rory being so blunt to Sarah to the point where he was outright rude and unprofessional. Character development wise, I wanted to get to know more about Sarah. She has such an interesting backstory and so many aspects of her character are left unexplained-her previous jobs, the mysterious two year gap in her resume, and her stint as a private investigator. At times we was forced into being so one-dimensional- an attractive young lawyer with impulse control issues who does reckless and questionable things that work out in the end. That being said, even one-dimensional as she was, she was much more likeable and more realistic then Rory. Like I mentioned previously, his dialogue was soo scripted and his overall behaviour towards his coworkers, his partner, his boss and his clients was just strange.

The plot in ‘Write to Die’ was well executed, and combined with the well written courtroom scenes, led to a gripping thriller and I continued reading as I wanted to find out who the murderer was. The writing and overall character development let this book down, and if they characters were a little more realistic and believable, this book would have been elevated to the next level.


I hope you liked my review of this ARC and I am hoping to try to get my reviews of ARCs out around one week prior to release in the future 🙂


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