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This weeks T5W is a really interesting one, and it actually could go two different ways. The topic is ‘Favourite Hate To Love Ships’ and it could be interpreted as Ships where the two characters hate each other and then fall in love, or it could mean relationships that you personally ‘hate to love’.

I have decided to go with the first interpretation-romances where they start out hating each other then fall in love. I really enjoy relationships like this and some of my favourite romances fit this pattern.


1 . Feyre and Rhysand- I have a feeling this relationship will feature on a lot of lists. I just love how we completely change our opinion of Rhysand from ACOTAR after reading ACOMAF, and so does Feyre.




2. Aelin and Rowan- What is with Sarah J Maas and writing perfect ‘hate to love’ romances? The change between these two once they start to work out their differences and realise that they are actually kind of similar. The end of Empire of Storm still hurts me and I need the next book ASAP.



3 . Harry and Draco- This is definitely not canon, and I was a little disappointed when JK said they would never have been friends. But hey, that is what fan fiction is for! I really love the dynamic between these two as they realise they have more in common then you think. The whole ‘two sides of the same coin’ analogy resonated with these two for me.



4.  Yael and Luka- This relationship just has so many different dynamics, mostly due to the fact that Yael is pretending to be someone else. That someone else also had a past with Luka which just adds to the ‘hate’ part of the relationship. Their story is so heartbreaking and perfect.



I could only think of four for this list, so let me know if you have any suggestions for my fifth hate-to-love relationship! Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 8.23.07 pm


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