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This weeks T5W focuses on the other relationships in a book apart from the ‘main relationship’. Really good secondary and side romances can really make a book better-but sometimes when they are forced a little bit too much or included to cause jealousy or an unnecessary rivalry, it can get on my nerves.

But this weeks list focuses on the good side relationships in books! Lets get into it.

Arrow_divider295590521. Lorcan and Elide – At the stage at which I am writing this, I have not yet finished ‘Empire of Storms’ but so far I am really loving these two together. I adore the moments where Lorcan realises that although he is older, and powerful and has some sort of death magic, she is not afraid to stand up to him.



2. Cress and Thorn, Scarlet and Wolf – Just all of the couples in this series are actually perfect. While you could argue that Cinder and Kai steal most of the limelight throughout the series, I think these two couples really made the books so great.




3. Seamus and Dean- This is more of a fan ship and more evident in the movies, but I just love Seamus and Dean together. In the movies they are always in the background together and its pretty fun to look out for them while watching each of the films.




4. Brienne and Jamie –Book Jamie is so much better then television Jamie and I was so annoyed they did not include the ‘Brienne and Jamie travel the wilderness together’ plot that feature in the book. I think these two have an interesting ‘friendship’ in the books and I am hoping in this season of GOT we see a Jamie who is not still dependent on Cersei.




5. Carter and Marlee- The stars of ‘The Selection’ series is definitely Maxon and America, but I did enjoy the revelation of Carter and Marlee’s relationship and I think it added a little bit more to what was a really well written love story.



I hope you liked this weeks T5W. Let me know your favourite Side Relationships, and as always, don’t hesitate to give me your book recommendations.

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9 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday-Favourite Side Ships

    1. I just finished it and I am so blown away. I fell a little out of love with the series in the middle books but now after finishing EOS I need the next book now. At least there is a novella coming out later this year.


  1. Great list! I almost put Cress and Thorn in my list, because they’re so precious (literally one of my favorite OTPs EVER), but I couldn’t decide whether or not they were “side characters” enough – since that series almost feels like Cinder is the MAIN main character, and then there are 7 other side main characters? Lmao as you can see, I ended up overthinking the whole damn thing and leaving them off entirely. 😂

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