Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature by Broke and Bookish 🙂

This weeks TTT is a Father’s Day related Freebie as Fathers Day is coming up in some parts of the world. In Australia, Fathers day is not until the first Sunday of September! None the less, as my Dad is one of the most important people in my life, this theme is still pretty relevant. So, I decided to list some of the book my Dad has recommended to me over the last 22 years of my life.



1. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy- Dad recommended this book to me during High School when I told him one of the topics for an english speech was the meaning of life. After reading the book I decided to write my speech on the topic ad that speech is for some reason infamous with my friends? They remember me talking about the number 42 and whales, so I think that is a good legacy to have.




2. Shantaram- I remember I was bored one day when I was in early High School and was looking for a more ‘adult’ book to read (I probably had just finished reading Eragon for the 100th time). Dad recommended this book to me and i instantly loved the story-I recommend it if you have never read it.





3. Lord of the Rings-I still have my dads tattered copies of the LOTR trilogy on my bookshelf to this date.






4. Harry Potter- One of my fondest memories is of my dad reading The Philosophers Stone to me in bed when I was young. I can remember what my bedroom looked like and I still have the copy he was reading from.




5. American Psycho-This was actually earlier this year. I told him that I had just watched the movie and although I really enjoyed it, I was very confused. He went to his room and bought back the book and I instantly stayed up all night reading it.





6. 1984- I was asking him what classic books he read during High School and he told me 1984. I had been seriously considering reading it this year, so this was the perfect reason to finally get a copy.





7. The God Delusion- Probably a little bit of a controversial book, but I thought it was a really interesting read and it was great to have a really good discussion with my dad after I read it about the arguments Dawkins presents and the book as a whole.




8. Brave New World- Same as with 1984, I asked what were the essential classics I should read. He actually said that Brave New World was better then 1984-I think I liked 1984 a little more then Brave New World, but I really enjoyed both of them.



9. Temple- I asked Dad if I could have a couple books to read in the car on the way to my Grandparents house for the holidays (it was a two and a half hour drive). He pulled out a couple of Matthew Reilly books and said I would like them as I enjoy Dan Browns books. I read Temple first, then stayed up all night to finish it and read Contest.




10. The Da Vinci Code-Speaking of Dan Brown, he gave me all of the Dan Brown books he had one day for me to read as I should really stop rereading Harry Potter and Eragon. I started with The Da Vinci Code and ended up reading Angels and Demons, Deception Point and Digital Fortress in around a week.


I hope you liked this weeks TTT. I really enjoyed looking back and going through my bookshelf to see what books my dad had recommended to me over the years. He loves reading, but is more of a fan of both fiction and non-fiction war books and sports history books.

Let me know the books your dad has recommended to you and share with me your TTT for this week.

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