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I actually really love the topic for this weeks T5W. I used to be a huge user of Tumblr a couple years ago-during my last few years of High School and my first two years of University and I was very into Fandoms and the Fandom community. I drifted away from Tumblr (my blog says I am 19 and I turned 21 last year, so its pretty much 2 years since I have used it) and I don’t really participate in ‘Fandom’ culture anymore, or at least to the extent I did a couple years ago. I still love my shows, movies and books, but I don’t obsess to the level I once did.

So lets get to my list of Fandoms I don’t really follow anymore.



1. Supernatural-This show will always have a special place in my heart, but I have to admit I have not watched the last two seasons. This was one of my favourite television shows and I obsessed over it to an embarrassing level-my username for most things is a mix between Caitlin and Castiel (just a little fun fact). I found the show just lost some of its magic and I was pretty annoyed at how they treated certain characters (i.e. Castiel) and how they portrayed certain relationships. I have heard it has gotten better, so I might watch it all once the show has ended.


2. Doctor Who- This was probably the first Fandom I became a part of and a Doctor Who shirt was the first Fandom shirt I actually purchased! I think I just lost interest in the show and just did not find the time to watch the new episode every week. I felt the stories got really muddied and it lost the essence of what Doctor Who is actually about. Like SPN, I have heard that the most recent season has some great episodes so I might catch up when I am feeling it.




3. Teen Wolf-Again, one of my favourite characters is not given the love and treatment they deserve. Stiles was the comedic relief of the show and I loved his friendship not only with Scott but with the rest of the pack. He was thrown into so many romances and that just rubbed me the wrong way. Derek was also one of my favourites, and I was gutted when he left.




4. The 100- I loved the first season, but I really could not get into the second season of the show. Yeah, thats pretty much it.






5. Arrow and The Flash- I am not the biggest fan of DC, but I really enjoyed the first two season of both of these series. However they seemed to get very slow and repetitive, Arrow in particular.


Ok, after writing this list I realise it is just a list of shows I do not watch any more…which still counts I guess! I think this is because most of the Fandoms I was involved in back in the day was all about shows and movies and it was a really huge part of my life back then. It helped me get through some hard times and in reality I moved on and just fell away from those shows and the communities.

Hope you all enjoyed that little extra bit of self reflection, and as always, share with me your T5W and any Fandoms you are not a member of anymore.

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17 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday-Fandoms I am no longer a part of

    1. I think i’ll see who is going to follow on from him and be the 13th doctor-and just binge watch all the episodes I missed just before the new season is released! I do love the show, just sort of lost interest in the story.

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  1. I have to agree with a lot of these. The reason I stopped watching DW, though, was because Netflix removed it lol. I haven’t caught up with SPN but it’s still one of my favorites. I don’t even remember a good 80% of what happened over the course of Teen Wolf… my family watched it all together a long time ago and haven’t caught up

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    1. All of the Teen Wolf episodes seemed to blend into one another, I dont even remember what happen in season 3 and I watched that quite recently! They still have DW on my Netflix (Australia) so hopefully its still there when I decide to catch up 🙂

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  2. I agree with SPN and Teen Wolf! tbh the 5th season of teen wolf is awful (the 4th is also awful), i can’t even finish the first episode because I just don’t care. As for SPN, I still haven’t left the fandom because I have hope that it will get better and I’m dying to see the ending. I’d say the first 3 season of both SPN and teen wolf were the best of the series.

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    1. I think SPN was amazing up to Season 6, then once it exhausted that huge plot arc it got wrapped up in Angels V Demons story which got so repetitive. I’ll definitely rewatch the whole show once it has finished! I don’t remember what happened in S3 of Teen Wolf but I really enjoyed the first two seasons.


  3. I just finished watching season 4 of The 100. I get why you lost interest but for me there’s always something that leaves me wanting more. Also, Bellamy Blake is yummm 😉

    I feel the same about Supernatural and Doctor Who. I guess those two will be on a lost of people’s lists.

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    1. Haha, I do like Bellamy too! Maybe when I have some free time I’ll watch some episodes here and there!

      SPN and DW seems to be on so many lists! But i suppose when shows go on for as long as those two have they will slowly drop off.

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    1. Same here! I do love the show, especially the first 6 Seasons, but I don’t live for it like I used too! Apparently the most recent season is pretty good which is great to hear 🙂 I’ll go back to it eventually…

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      1. Yeah, I’ve heard that it gets pretty good again, but I still need to get caught up first with the few seasons I missed and eh…. not entirely high on my ‘to watch’ list. lol

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  4. I did the same thing and I agree with everything on your list! I also had SPN and Arrow on my list! Now, that I think about it I have also stopped watching The Flash so…
    I haven’t actually started the new season of Doctor Who but I’ve heard it’s better than the last – that still doesn’t mean I actually like 12.
    As for Arrow, I agree, it’s all ridiculously repetitive and I don’t really care for it anymore.

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    1. The first season of Arrow was so good-I watched it in two days. Then it got so repetitive and I just wanted something different. The cross over with The Flash bought me back to the show, but then it just went back to how it was. I am more of a Marvel person too.

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  5. Doctor Who was my first fandom t-shirt too!! I got a University of Gallifrey t-shirt from Redbubble! I still wear it all the time thought and one time a man at American customs at the airport asked me if it was my university and I just went “I hope so lol” and he was like “okay well good luck!!” I didn’t have the heart to tell him/would have been too embarrassed to explain it was from a TV show lol

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    1. I got my first shirt from Redbubble too! It is always so awkward to have to explain Fandom shirts to people in public! I wear some esports shirts and always have to explain what competitive gaming is to everyone 🙂

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