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Welcome back to Top Ten Tuesday! It feels like I have not done one of these in a while, but in reality it has only really been a week. There is no time for some rambling introduction, so lets get straight to the theme of this weeks list-my Top Books I am most looking forward to for the second half of the year. I only have 5 books on this list, as I have to catch up on all of the books on my TBR from earlier this year and even from last year.


1. Renegades by Marissa Meyer-‘The Lunar Chronicles’ was such a great series and while I am sad it has ended, I look forward to seeing what Meyer has in store for us in her new series. It has a science fiction and futuristic vibe to it which I really love.




2. Origin by Dan Brown- I am so excited for the next book in the Robert Langdon series! While ‘The Lost Symbol’ was a disappointment, the series got back on track with ‘Inferno’ (lets forget about the movie). Brown’s books are a pretty safe read for me, I can read them in a day or so and when I feel like I am in a reading slump I always pickup one of his earlier books.



3. One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake- After the huge twist at the end of ‘Three Dark Crowns’ I am going to race to the bookshop to pick up this book as soon as it is released.





4. Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff- Kristoff’s writing is such a pleasure to read, he has a way with words and stories that I adore. ‘Nevernight’ is probably one of my favourite books I have read this year and I am hoping the sequel lives up to my high expectations.




5. Warcross by Marie Lu-I have actually never read any of Lu’s other books (I know, I know) so I am keen to get into her writing with this book. It seems like lots of books are jumping on the video game/virtual reality bandwagon, so I am interested to see how Lu approaches this concept and I am especially excited to see the world she creates.


Hope you all enjoyed my TTT for this week! As always, give me your recommendations and share with me your lists. I am always excited to see what books you all recommend and add more books to my already lengthy TBR.

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17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday-Most Anticipated Books For The Second Half of 2017

  1. “Warcross” made my list this week as well. Ordinarily it wouldn’t be a book I’d glance twice at, but since I’ve heard so many amazing things about Marie (and it seems to be a real departure for her – genre), I’m curious. Also Marissa’s new series, it’ll be interesting to see how it does after her popular Lunar books. 🙂

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    1. I heard the same about Marie’s books- her ‘Legend’ series is so highly recommended. I hope Marissa’s new series is as good as ‘The Lunar Chronicles’-she has such high expectations to live up to!


    1. There is nothing stopping you from reading both at once (when it releases) 😉 Which book are you up to in the Lunar Chronicles? They are all so good!


  2. “Origin” made it onto my list as well! I agree that “The Lost Symbol” was a bit disappointing compared to the first two Robert Langdon novels but “Inferno” was better again and I enjoyed it even more when I read it a second time last year.

    I only found out about “Renegades” through this Top 10 Tuesday but I’ve already fallen in love with the cover, I hope the book can live up to that 😀

    I have to admit that I had a hard time getting into “Nevernight” because of all the super long footnotes but ended up enjoying it, so I’m definitely going to read “Godsgrave”, too!

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    1. Nevernight is amazing! At least the good thing about not having read it yet is that you can hold off until just before Godsgrave is released and binge them both! 😊


    1. I think it was one of the few twists in a book that I did not even see coming! It was so perfectly written and set up I was so shocked. I can’t wait 😸


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