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Hey Guys! I am back for T5W this week after taking a break last week-I was not really feeling the topic and was stressed out of my mind with work. But all that matters is that I am back today and excited about this weeks theme.

Minor characters are so important in a book. Yes, the major character needs to be interesting and you have to be invested in their adventures, but how they interact with their friends (or enemies) really defines their person and can make for some of the most memorable scenes or relationships.

So, here are 5 of my favourite minor characters. But, I am not going to be including the love interests of the main characters in the list -they deserve their own list and have a totally different place and role within a book. Less typing, more listing(?).


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  1. Murtagh from ‘The Inheritance Cycle’- I think I have mentioned it many many many times on this blog before, but I had a huge crush of Murtagh throughout my early teenage years. Eragon with one of my favourite books during that time and the movie had just come out. Even though the movie left a lot to be desired, I though that Murtagh was very attractive and his dynamic with Eragon throughout the books made for some of my favourite moments.
  2. Jenou from ‘Front Lines’- While i adore Rio and feel she is the start of the book, I have to give credit to Jenou. She may have her moments and at times can be frustrating and insensitive to Rio, she has some serious character growth towards the end of the second book and is markedly different from Rio-which adds not only some interesting dynamics to the book but also allows for an entirely different viewpoint to be explored through her character.
  3. Cassian, Azriel, Mor, Amren or pretty much any of the minor characters in ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ series– One of the things that made me love this series so much was how amazing each and every minor character was and how they all added something to the story. Each character gets a time to shine and Maas makes you fall in love and adore them in different ways. This series would not be the same without such amazing minor characters like Cassian and Azriel.
  4. Mother (and the rest of Scarecrows Squad) from the ‘Shane Schofield’ series-These minor characters kick ass and sometimes even outshine Scarecrow. The y all have such a strong relationship  with each other and unwavering loyalty to back up and help one another no matter the situation. One of the stars is ‘Mother’, the most intimidating yet caring member of the team and the rock for Scarecrow when things got hard during the middle books of the series.
  5. AIDAN from ‘The Illuminae Files’-AIDAN is sort of a main character, but not, so it gets a place on this list. AIDAN is the super intelligent AI that is both a hero and villain in ‘Illuminae’ and ‘Gemina’. I think the inclusion of an AI as a minor character really adds another level to the story and being able to explore artificial intelligence and at what point can a machine be self aware and ‘human’ is such a great concept and thought experiment.


I hope you all liked my list for this week! As always, share with me your lists and give me your recommendations for books (or other things) I should read.

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday- Favourite Minor Characters

    1. Trying to avoid spoilers 😉 It had a pretty big role in the second book too, but it was really different. What I really liked was the different relationships it had with the main characters in Illuminae and the main characters in Gemina.

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