Hi everyone!

I have decided to start a new post type of my blog called ‘book thoughts’. This will be brief reviews and comments on books that I either have forgotten to write a review on or don’t feel like I could write a full review on.

This first ‘Book Thoughts’ post will be about a book I finished recently and a book I finished last month.



Siege and Storm-Leigh Bardugo

I read the first book in the series last month and totally forgot to write a review-and I felt like I couldn’t write a review for ‘Siege and Storm’ without having a review for ‘Shadow and Bone’. None the less, I am still going to give the books the credit they deserve.

While I do love the world that ‘Siege and Storm’ is set in, I felt the story line fell a little flat and did not have the impact that the first book did. At times I got a little bored of what was happening in the book, but my love of certain characters kept me going until the end of the book-which I actually really did like.

This series does have some pretty awesome characters, with Alina really coming into her own as the sun summoner and stepping up as a leader of the Grisha. I instantly fell in love with Nikolai and the dynamic between him and Alina made for some of my favourite moments of the book. I must admit, Mal seemed to get on my nerves in this book and I’m interested to see where his story will go in the last book of the series.

Overall this book was not as exciting as the first book, but still continued to tell an interesting story set in the fantastic world of ‘The Grisha’. I’m eagerly awaiting my copy of the last book in the series to arrive in my mailbox.


A Better World-Marcus Sakey

20797535I really fell back in love with Science Fiction books last year and I was intrigued by both the main character and the concept behind the books in the ‘Brilliance Saga.’ ‘A Better World’ is the second book in the series and continues from the action packed conclusion of the first book.

This book felt very slow compared to the first book in the series-due to the fact that the plot was more complex and filled with less action or confrontational scenes. That being said, I really enjoyed the more ‘investigational’ plot line of this book as it switched between focusing on two completley different characters. There was a big science component to the book, which I appreciated, and I loved the political undertones-especially those that revolved around the President and his advisers.

The characters felt so-so. Nick really shone during the first book ‘Brilliance’, but in this book I felt his character became a little boring and lacked the spark and humour that made him likeable. I was hoping to see more of Shannon in this book, but was a little disappointed when she flitted in and out of the plot and most of these occasions were romantic interactions with Nick. The other supporting characters were simply OK and I think the story could have really come alive if one of these characters was more impactful or charismatic.

‘A Better World’ is definitely a slower Science Fiction book and what I love most about the series is the world it is set in. I’ll finish the series, but maybe not in the next few weeks.

I hope you all liked my first ‘Book Thoughts’ post. These ‘reviews’ will be a little more casual and laid back as I just get my ideas and comments on these books onto the page/screen.

As always, give me your recommendations and I’ll be back soon with another book review in the next few days.


2 thoughts on “Book Thoughts-‘Siege and Storm’ and ‘A Better World’

    1. Thanks! Mal was bearable in the first book, but his attitude became so negative and jealous in the second book it was so hard to like him. Thank goodness for Nikolai

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