This year I am trying to make an effort to read and review some books on Netgalley, not only to try to give back to the book community which I love, but to also discover some new authors and books that while they may not be in the spotlight are a great read.

I am going to try to separate these reviews into their own posts for a number of reasons. Firstly its just easier to merge a couple books together and have a single disclaimer. Secondly, sometimes I don’t finish the books on Netgalley but would still like to publish a review as to why I couldn’t-to allow other people to read what I have to say and try the book for themselves or to give some feedback to the authors and aspiring authors about what worked for a reader and what did not.

Now I have got the information out of the way, lets start my first Netgalley ARC reviews.

Mill River Senior High (Finished)



Title: Mill River Senior High
Author: John C. Rubisch
Date published: January 18th 2017
Format: eBook
Page Count: –
My Rating:  debfd-three-stars

Imagine if you showed up for your senior year and learned your high school was closing. Worse- students will have to attend their hated rival school. Teachers are leaving, clubs and teams are dropped, no one wants to be principal. In midst of the chaos, the newly elected student president promises it will be one hellava year.

The promise will be kept.

Overall I liked the concept behind the story, though the description of the book did not match what the story was actually about. While the feud with rival school Morningside Glen is a small part of the book, the primary focus is on each of the students, the problems they face going through High School and their growth throughout the school year.

There were some problems I had with the book though. The plot is very slow and it jumps around between characters and forward in time too much-which would have been primarily due to the fact that there are so many characters in the book. We have a core group of main characters, but the story also switches to focus on the minor characters at parts too-normally when some of the students stories overlapped. This led me to get lost as every few pages the focus would switch to another character or forward in time a couple months.

The story and the writing itself also felt too simple. The book is categorized as a ‘Young Adult’ book but the depth of the plot and the characters made it feel younger. This contrasted with some of the ‘heavy’ issues the book tries to raise, including alcoholism. sexual assault and racism. If there was more depth and time taken in exploring each of these issues it would have made the story overall more impactful and interesting to read.

Game Over (DNF)


Title: Game Over (A Series of Ends Book 1)
Author: Derek Edgington
Date published: August 18th 2016
Format: eBook
Page Count: –
My Rating:  ef540-one-star

Short Synopsis:
A reluctant hero is thrust into the do-or-die game, No-Life. His first priority is saving his own skin— not saving the universe!

Game Over provides the reader with the unique opportunity to interact with the story as they progress through the Game. How would you play the role dealt to you by fate?

I found this book very hard to read and after reading around two hundred pages I could not finish it. I really enjoyed the setting of the book (in a world where society has migrated over to a virtual reality) and the concept behind the choose your own ending style of the book. However, the plot was lacking depth and I felt lost many times throughout what I had read. And of the main things that drew me to the book, the choose your own ending options were not as frequent as I had hoped, which led me to not be as involved in the book as I was promised (like making decisions for the characters etc.) The characters were not interesting, and a book where I cannot get involved int he characters is so hard to read and enjoy, Overall the book felt weak after promising such an interesting concept and story line.







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