I absolutely love this weeks prompt for T5W, as I must admit, I am planning a certain themed birthday party for my 22nd later this year (I did not have a 21st last year, so my party is a year late). The theme for this week is books that would make a great party theme. I am already getting a little bit excited.

  1. Harry Potter-Yes, I know, but I could not resist! I am planning to have a HP themed party later this year and there are already so many great ideas on the internet. Everyone will be wearing robes, there will be themed food and butterbeer and the decorations would be so fun to make!
  2. Game of Thrones-This would be my other option for a birthday theme if it was not Harry Potter. This would be a great opportunity to get very medieval and have a name day party with mulled wine.
  3. Welcome to Night Vale-This could be the weirdest  yet most wonderfully party theme. In WTNV nearly everything is a possibility and the party could have some great decorations like a floating glow cloud, fences off area that is the Dog Park and
  4. Caraval- While I was a little disappointed in the book, a Caraval themed party would be pretty awesome! A carnival themed party with magical elements.
  5. The Great Gatsby-  The year after the movie came out was the year that most of the girls I went to school with turned 18, so there were so many Great Gatsby themed birthday parties. That being said, I don’t think a 1920s themed party ever really goes out of style or is over done as it is an iconic era and the costume and decoration opportunities are great.

I hope you liked my T5W for this weeks, even if it is a little late. As always, share with me your recommendations and your list for this week!


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