Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature by Broke and Bookish.

This weeks TTT is all about things on our reading wishlist-like certain tropes, settings, themes or characters that you just wish were in a little more books.

I decided for my list to feature ten things, whether it be a trope, setting, character or genre, I would love to read a book about in the near future. I only put 8 things on my list as I struggled to come up with more as i am generally not too fussy when it comes to what books I read.

  1. Male main character and male best friend/sidekick– Yeah, there are probably heaps of books out there like this, but I feel like I have not read enough of these books. While I do enjoy the dynamic between a girl and a guy, I really would love to read a fantasy or science fiction book where the main character and their best friend/sidekick are both male. I love books with this sort of friendship and relationship and a fantastic fantasy book with dragons and/or faeries would make an amazing book (recommendations please!)
  2. Female main character and female best friend/sidekick-Pretty much the same as above, but with female characters. I am imagining in a medieval setting where the two girls are trying to break the stereotype and restrictions on women during this time to go on an adventure and slay dragons! (I am reading and loving the second book in the ‘Soldier Girls’ series by Michael Grant and want more books like this!)
  3. No romance plot/subplot-I love me some romance in my fantasy and science fiction books (I cant even with Rhysand at the moment) but it would be refreshing to not have even a minor romance subplot in a book so we could focus on the main character and explore their friendships with other people.
  4. Modern/Retold Mulan-I really enjoyed the re-imagined fairy-tales in ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ and ‘Heartless’ and would really love to both a modern retelling and re-imagined version of Mulan.
  5. YA  Political story-I actually have a secret love for political movies and shows, but some of the political books are a bit too ‘adulty’ and serious for me. I would instantly read a more YA or contemporary targeted political book-focusing on someones campaign or time in office, but less hard to read and enjoy as some of the other books out there.
  6. YA  Medical Thriller/Science – Another sort of niche genre that I like. I have read a couple really good medical thriller books and I don’t remember seeing any YA medical thriller stories which would be awesome to read, like people exposing a genetic manipulation conspiracy or the outbreak of a superbug.
  7. In depth historical fiction set during the cold war- I am fascinated by the Cold War and I really enjoy reading non-fiction books about this time and conflict. I would love to read a thrilling and well written fiction book set during the Cold War that focuses on some people involved at various levels.
  8. Post apocalyptic/dystopian set in Australia- When I read ‘Tomorrow When the War Began’ it was so refreshing to see a dystopian book set in Australia, as many of them I have read are set in the US. While it would be nice to have one set in my home city Perth, i’m not going to try to push my luck and would settle for more of these books set in Australia as a whole.

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