This weeks features (both TTT and T5W) seemed to be about book covers. Yesterdays list was about book covers that are eye catching and this weeks Top 5 Wednesday are my five favourite Science Fiction and Fantasy covers! I’ll try to avoid any repeats as most of the books I read are from these genres.

  1. Eragon- All four books look amazing together and I liked how each of the different Dragons were featured on each of the covers. Murtagh was one of my favourite characters, and red is my favourite colour, so the cover of Eldest is probably my favourite.
  2. Dark Matter-More red books! I love this cover (my copy also has the edges of the pages in red) as it is so simple, but I still get the essence of dark matter and parallel dimensions from this cover (if you squint?)
  3. Red Rising– Such and amazing trilogy and this book got me back into reading science fiction. I like the different symbols on each of the books in the series-the wings, the wreath and the scythe and these symbols relate to each of the books.
  4. American War-This is the only book on the list I have not yet read, but the cover is one of the things that drew me to this book.
  5. Winter-Out of the four (main) books in ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ the cover of ‘Winter’ is my favourite, though all of them are beautiful and make a gorgeous set.

It’s pretty clear I like simple covers or covers that are consistent throughout a series. I always get a little annoyed when one of my books doesn’t match the others in a series (I am putting off buying Kings Cage as the only copy I can get is taller the both Red Queen and Glass Sword.)

I am looking forward to reading more Science Fiction and Fantasy books this year and hopefully I can revisit this topic sometime next year and see if my choices have changed 🙂



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