I am a huge Star Trek fan, so of course I had to read a book about my favourite character in the series (sorry Spock, you come a close second).



Title: The Autobiography of James T Kirk
Author: David A. Goodman
Date published: September 8th 2015
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 288
My Rating:  55663-five-stars

The Autobiography of James T. Kirk chronicles the greatest Starfleet captain’s life (2233-2371), in his own words, complete with illustrations and exclusive art. It is the first officially produced in-universe biography of the legendary and iconic Star Trek character, Captain Kirk, as played by William Shatner.


This book was perfectly composed and totally captured the essence of Captain Kirk and Star Trek. Written as an autobiography, it details Captain Kirk’s illustrious career, from his upbringings and struggles to get into Star Fleet, his growth as a Captain, and how inevitably he is drawn back to space and to his Captains chair-even at the cost of a meaningful relationship and a family.

What really made this book so enjoyable to read was how endearing Kirk was through his narration. His character was perfectly written and captured all of his personality and quirks that we had grown to love from the show and the movies. He is definitely my favorite Star Trek character, and this book only sought to improve my admiration and love for him as we get inside his head and hear his own thoughts and opinions of a whole range of issues. We see his respect and loyalty towards his crew, his unwavering desire to stick to the prime directive, and how he struggled with every decision he had to make and every crew member he had lost.

The throwbacks to episodes of the television show and moments in the movies created a sense of familiarity while I was reading the book and I loved getting more information and insight into these often iconic scenes. I always got excited when recognised these pivotal and famous moments and characters-the Khan saga, the ‘gladiator’ moment when Kirk constructs a make-shift cannon to defeat an alien, and the infamous (for all of the right reasons) Pon Farr episode.

This is such a fantastic book, especially if you are a huge Star Trek fan like myself. Captain Kirk’s character is captured and written perfectly, and it is hard not to like him as he is so endearing and very honest in his narration.

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