Top 5 Wednesday is a feature hosted on Goodreads

I am a sucker for my favourite authors. If they publish a new book, you bet I will be there on release day to get a copy. While I do have some favourite authors I never miss a book from, there are some other authors that I am really interested in reading more from. So, here are some of the authors I am keen to read another book (or more) from!

  1. Mira Grant- I loved the ‘Newsflesh’ trilogy and I really want to read more she has written, in particular ‘Parasite’ as I love medicine and science themed books.
  2. Neal Schusterman- I had not heard of Neal Schusterman until I read Scythe. His writing style really appeals to me, as well as the titles of his other books, so I am interested in reading more books he has written.
  3. Jim Butcher- I have heard so much about his books, but I have only delved into ‘The Dresden Files.’ Those books are a little bit hit or miss for me and I wonder whether his other series are similar.
  4. Blake Crouch- ‘Dark Matter’ was one of my favourite books of 2016 and such an fantastic science fiction story that seemed to not get much hype. Blake Crouch seems to have written a mixture of series and stand alone books and there looks to be at least a few I am interested in reading.
  5. Hannah Kent– I have never been fond of Historical Fiction, but once I read ‘Burial Rites’ by Hannah Kent I found myself becoming more interested in the genre and will probably pick up her most recent book.

I hope you liked my T5W for this week.

As always, feel free to give me your T5W for this week or share with me any recommendations you have 🙂

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