Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by the wonderful Broke and Bookish. 

While last weeks TTT was all about the things that makes me instantly want to read a book, this weeks list is all about the things that makes me not want to read a book. I am sure that everyone has a couple of things that completley turns you off a book from the start-so here are a couple things that makes me not want to read or finish a book.

  1. Second Person POV- I am sure that there are some books that are written using second person POV, but I have yet to find one (please tell me if there is one you would recommend). It makes it so hard for me to read and get into the story and the characters when it is written this way and instantly discourages me from reading the book.
  2. Blatantly obvious love triangles– Some love triangles are written well, but sometimes that are just made way too obvious and is the main focus of the plot and of the characters.
  3. Falling in love instantly- After spending a couple of days with each other they are in love and could not stand to be separated. While I do get they may develop a strong bond or friendship (which may develop into love) sometimes it goes way over the top and turns into pining (see below).
  4. Constant Pining- Think Bella in Twilight for the whole second book pining of Edward. As soon as a book enters that territory I am instantly turned off.
  5. Boring Covers- I judge a book by its cover, so if the cover is boring or bland or gives no idea about what the book is about (even simple covers can give a sense of the story and the writing). I need the cover the draw me in and want to read the book.
  6. Covers that look like this….enough said.


7. Really Really Long Series that Should Have Ended- I love long series (ASOIAF for example),  however some series just have a extra one or two books that they really did not need. Similar to television shows (Supernatural is a huge one for me) I lose interest or I actually don’t care much about the story or characters any more and I want the end to come and to stop dragging the story on when it should really end.

8. Unnecessary Sequels – Stand alone books are great, but sometimes an author publishes a sequel that really was not necessary. If I am happy with how the book finished, that all of the loose ends were tied up and I got closure, I don’t feel the need to read a sequel.

9. Set In A High School- I just can’t get into books set in High School anymore, probably due to the fact that I finished high school over five years ago and just can’t relate to the characters or the setting anymore.

10. I am Not Like Other Girls- Its cool to have a different or weird main character who is not like everyone else, but when it descends into the main character thinking they are better then everyone else because they are ‘not like other girls’ or that the boy will fall in love with her because ‘she is not like other girls’ I have to draw the line.


I hope you enjoyed this weeks TTT, and as always, share with me your book recommendations and you lists this week 🙂

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- Things That Makes Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book

    1. I did not realise I didn’t relate to the setting until I picked up a book set in high school and did not really relate to any of the charcaters problems anymore as looking back, high school is over and most things in high school doesn’t even matter any more. I have not read Perks of Being A Wallflower either, so maybe I’ll watch the movie and see how I feel before reading the book.

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    1. Same here! If I have already read four or five books in a series and they release one more, even if it is not that good, I have to finish it just to finish the series!


  1. I agree with so many things on your list!! Unnecessary sequels AUGH! If I had a nickel for every unnecessary sequel, I could pay authors to write sequels I do want. Also if you’re looking for a good 2nd person I would recommend The Handmaid’s Tale by Margret Atwood and History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera. Both written very well and half the time I could barely tell they were 2nd person.

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    1. The Handmaid’s Tale is amazing! I read it early last year and it is in my top ten books I have read this year. The movie comes in the next few days and I am really looking forward to watching it. ‘History is All You Left Me’ sounds interesting from reading the description, so I might give it a go when I have some free time.


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