Top Ten Tuesday is a feature by the wonderful Broke and Bookish.

This weeks theme relates to things that make you instantly want to pick up a book and read it-genres, themes, formats, characters, you name it. I only decided to do five items for my list this week. So lets get going!

  1. Medical Thriller Genre- This is probably one of my favourite genres of books, so if I see a book with a hint of this in it, I always give it a chance.
  2. Thrown into a new world– I love books that chuck the main character into a new situation or world, like Eragon being thrown into the world of dragon riders and magic after being a simple farm boy or Harry being told he is a wizard and is exposed to the wonderful world of magic.
  3. Survival against all odds-Think when the character is thrown into an arena or a contest where they are the underdog but manage to prevail. I love these sorts of books and I am always drawn into the story.
  4. Misunderstood Villain– Some of my favourite books where when the main character is the villain, or throughout the book we come to understand more about a villain or the main character even starts to talk or befriend them. I loved ‘Heartless’ as we see Catherine turn into the Red Queen and Murtagh was one of my high school crushes and we see him and Eragon start to work together.
  5. Trapped in a Video Game- Ready Player One really knocked this theme out of the park, but there are also a couple other books (and anime series) that feature a character stuck in a game.

Hope you like my short TTT for this week 🙂

Ill be back with some more reviews in the coming days and keep an eye out as I will be working on a secondary blog for movies, television show and other posts and I would love this blog to stay book focused.


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