I have enjoyed both of the Alexandra Bracken Series I have read and was pleasantly surprised with the conclusion of the ‘Passenger’ series.



Title: Wayfarer
Author: Alexandra Bracken
Date published: January 3rd 2017
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 532
My Rating:  57818-four-stars

All Etta Spencer wanted was to make her violin debut when she was thrust into a treacherous world where the struggle for power could alter history. After losing the one thing that would have allowed her to protect the Timeline, and the one person worth fighting for, Etta awakens alone in an unknown place and time, exposed to the threat of the two groups who would rather see her dead than succeed. When help arrives, it comes from the last person Etta ever expected—Julian Ironwood, the Grand Master’s heir who has long been presumed dead, and whose dangerous alliance with a man from Etta’s past could put them both at risk.

Meanwhile, Nicholas and Sophia are racing through time in order to locate Etta and the missing astrolabe with Ironwood travelers hot on their trail. They cross paths with a mercenary-for-hire, a cheeky girl named Li Min who quickly develops a flirtation with Sophia. But as the three of them attempt to evade their pursuers, Nicholas soon realizes that one of his companions may have ulterior motives.

As Etta and Nicholas fight to make their way back to one another, from Imperial Russia to the Vatican catacombs, time is rapidly shifting and changing into something unrecognizable… and might just run out on both of them


I enjoyed ‘Wayfarer’ more then I did the first book in the series ‘Passenger’. I thought it was written perfectly and had a great mix of action and romance scenes in what is a very immersive story. I could not put this book down once I got a hundred pages in, which is always a great indicator of my enjoyment of any book.

Firstly the plot had perfect pacing and the way it was written, switching between chapters focusing on either Etta or Nicholas kept it moving and avoided getting slow down and boring as new developments were explored in each of these characters individual stories. The way that both their storylines intertwine as they search for the astrolobe, avoid the Ironwoods and the deadly Shadows, and find each other kept me on the edge of my seat as they have some near misses between finding each other again, multiple near-death experiences, and I was avidly awaiting their reunion. I really loved the story and how all the pieces fell together.

The romance between Nicholas and Etta still has its problems-they only knew each other for a limited amount of time and the amount of pining was bordering on unbearable-even Etta was aware of how quickly their romance discovered and that the intensity of their emotions may be a little excessive for how long they have actually known each other. However, I must admit they have some great moments together and their relationship is crafted and written a lot better then it was in the first book, even if it is very like ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in their pining, the length of their relationship before they declared love, and the tendency to consider extreme actions in the name of love and their relationship.

The ending of the book was well constructed and the build up suited the conclusion of the story. However, the inclusion of a magical and mystical element out of the blue left me at times feeling lost in how the characters fit into the story and the world. The first book really did not include much magic or anything related to the supernatural (apart from the whole time travel thing). The sudden emergence of mythical creatures and ancient creatures felt out of place in the book, and it could have used for exploration or description to make it feel like it was more of a part of the story and not out of place in the world that the books are set in.


Overall I really enjoyed ‘Wayfarer’ more then the first book in the duo, ‘Passenger’. I warmed up to the relationship between Etta and Nic and I love the unique and creative way time travel is explored in this series.


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