Top 5 Wednesday is a feature hosted on Goodreads

I really enjoyed writing my first T5W and I am excited about this weeks theme. I am a huge video game player (though in recent times I have not played as much as I would have liked to) and it would be pretty awesome if some of my favourite books were made into video games.

So, here are five books that would make pretty amazing video games.

  1. Illuminae and Gemina- These two books would make a pretty awesome action game with some puzzle solving aspects. You could switch between two characters to progress through the story line and ‘Gemina’ in particular would have some great action scenes.
  2. Contest- Any Matthew Reilly book could make a fantastic video game, but ‘Contest’ in particular would be something I could get lost in playing. With elements of stealth, problem solving and combat, you have to survive and be the last contestant standing.
  3. The 5th Wave- Survival game set on earth after an alien invasion. What more do I have to say?
  4. Wolf By Wolf- The basis of the book is a motorcycle ride through the axis nations which would make an awesome video game. I am not the biggest fan of racing games, but I could probably make an exception for this one.
  5. Red Rising- All of the challenges that Darrow has to face- the War Games as he rises through the ranks and the standoff between the two families and powers that forms the basis of the second book would make an incredible action and Sci-Fi game with space battles.

Special Mentions- ‘Deltora Quest’ and ‘Ready Player One’

I could probably go on with this list as there are so many great books and series that could be made into video games. I actually remember playing the ‘Eragon’ video game both on my Gameboy and on my Playstation 2.

As always, share with me your lists and your recommendations!

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