Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature by the wonderful Broke and Bookish.

Welcome to another (late) Top Ten Tuesday! This week is all about authors-or more specifically, authors I would love to have the opportunity to meet. I always find it so hard to talk to people whose work I admire and have to rehearse what I say a million times beforehand, but it is such an amazing experience to be able to thank and connect with someone who has impact your life in a little way-whether that be writing a book, writing a song or portraying a character in a movie or television show.

But enough of my rambling through my keyboard, lets get to my list.

  1. Sarah J Maas – Her books really got me back into reading while I was in a major reading slump. I would love to have the opportunity to thank her for her wonderful writing and characters.
  2. Matthew Reilly (again) – He always makes sure on his book tours to visit Perth and I always appreciate him for that. I have been to multiple book signings over the last couple of years and it is always a pleasure to have a quick chat to him about his most recent book as he always spares the time to answer your questions. If he is ever doing a signing in your area do try to get down as they are always great!
  3. J.K Rowling – Could I ever write a list about authors I would love to meet and not include J.K? She was one of the authors of my childhood and to have the opportunity to thank her for giving the world Harry Potter would make me speechless.
  4. Chistopher Paolini– Eragon may have been my most read book of my childhood, or at least rivals HP. I always dreamed of finding a dragon egg and becoming a Dragon rider and still to this day I have a love of dragons. While I would love to have a good chat to Christopher Paolini, I would have to ask him why he ended the series like he did as it was so unsatisfying to me! I couldn’t miss that opportunity.
  5. G.R.R Martin – G.R.R Martin created such a detailed and enthralling world in ASOIAF and to be able to be in his presence for a little but would be a little awe inspiring! I of course would have to ask when the next book will be released, but also tell him how much I enjoy his work and the time I spent immersed in the pages as a break from the intense studying of first year university.
  6. Emily Rodda/Jennifer Rowe– I am feeling very nostalgic at the moment, so here is another author of my youth. I absolutely love the ‘Deltora Quest’ series with all of my heart and the amount of times I read the books is a little embarrassing. I feel like these books never get the recognition they deserve and to be able to tell her how much these books impacted my childhood as at times it was pretty tough and I would escape into her writing.
  7. Leigh Bardugo- One author who is very new to me but after reading two of her books in record time. I really love the world she has created in both of her books and would love to hear about her inspiration behind the characters and the setting.
  8. Marissa Meyer– The ‘Lunar Chronicles’ series and ‘Heartless’ are some of the best fairytale adaptations I have read and I would enjoy getting to talk to Marissa Meyer about her process in writing these books.
  9. George Orwell- It took me ages to get through 1984! While I did enjoy the book, it is such a heavy read and I could only read it for 30 minutes before putting it down. However, to have the chance to ask Orwell (if he were still alive) what he would think about todays society and how his book still holds up would lead to a really interesting discussion and be an experience.
  10. Thomas Harris- ‘Red Dragon’ may be one of my favourite books I have read and the ‘Hannibal Lecter’ series is also probably one of my favourite series ever. However when ever you hear about Hannibal Lecter no one ever mentions the author who created this intense and dark story-so to be able to tell him how much I enjoy his work would be pretty cool.

I hope you liked my very late TTT for the week, and stay tuned to my blog as I try to get back into blogging and reviewing.






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