Top Ten Tuesday is a Weekly Feature by Broke and Bookish.

As this weeks TTT falls on Valentines Day, it just has to be romance themed. So this week was all about Romance Tropes/Types-top ten favourite hate-to-love romances (from books or movies or tv), top ten favourite (or least favourite) instalove romances, favourite slow-burn romances, favourite star-crossed lovers and so on.

I am not the biggest romance fan, but I am a sucker for some of my favourite bookish couples and for some specific romance tropes and scenarios. So that is the focus of this weeks list! I also have some interesting OTPs and everyone couple of months go on a massive fan fiction binge so be warned, some of the items on my list are interesting.


  1. Bachelor/Bachelorette-I just adore Bachelor/Bachelorette scenarios (this was what drew me to The Selection). My personal favourite is where one of the characters is a crew member on the show, and because one of the contestants pulled out they have to fill in and of course end up falling in love with the Bachelor/Bachelorette.
  2. Fake/Pretend Relationship-I just can’t with this trope. Whether it is to fool parents/friends, to enter a competition, or whether it is real but everyone else thinks it is fake so they go along with it. In the end, the fake relationship ends up not so fake.
  3. Enemies to Lovers-There is one specific OTP that comes to mind when I think of this trope (Harry and Draco, I’m so sorry, please don’t judge me). They are rivals and everyone else thinks they hate each other, they soon have a sort of mutual respect and fate leads them together. Again, I’m sorry.
  4. ‘Mind Bond’– OK, I really could not think of a better name for this trope. But particularly in magical stories, I really enjoy when the two main characters end up having a ‘bond’ where they can read each others minds or are in each others minds and talk there. It starts off as an annoyance, but they soon get used to it and enjoy the company. Then comes the drama when the bond either is taken away or is removed.
  5. Secret Relationship-The opposite of the fake relationship! In public they hate each other, but in fact they are deeply in love. I love when they have so much fun pretending they hate each other and can’t suppress a smile when they fight or ignore each other in public.
  6. Partners-When the two characters are forced to work together! Whether they are still in school and have to do a project, or agents and are assigned to be partners as they both can’t keep a steady partner because of their personalities. Just YES!
  7. Due to circumstances ‘forced’ together, become unlikely friends and then more– Again, I am not very articulate in explaining this one, but think Beauty and the Beast or A Court of Mist and Fury. Belle has to stay with the Beast due to her father taking the rose, and Feyre has to stay with Rhysand due to their bargain (to the same extent she has to stay with Tamlin due to their deal, but lets not mention Tamlin). They grow to learn more about each other and especially with Rhysand and Feyre, they have such a great relationship.
  8. Thought they were just a regular person, actually are royalty/elite- Again this applies to ACOTAR and ACOMAF, but also Rebel of the Sands and countless other books. One character thinks the other is a normal boy/girl and they become close, and then it is revealed they are a royalty or elite and things just escalate from there.
  9. Where one is completely oblivious-I love reading stories where everyone knows something is going on between two characters except the characters themselves. When it is so obvious they are meant to be together, but they flounder around and just act to stupid when they are together. Give me more of this please!
  10. Put on the wrong clothing- Again, I am sorry! But I could not have a romance trope post without including this one. I am sure it is a very common trope, but one specific scene comes to mind. OK, i’m out!


Hope you liked my Valentines Day themed TTT and enjoy the half price chocolate tomorrow! I’ll be enjoying my day at work, then training, and then with my cats at home ❤

What are your favourite romance tropes and which book couples do you love the most, whether they are canon or not!




10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday-Ten Favourite Romance Tropes

  1. I like the normal-but-really-a-royal trope too! Probably a big reason why I adore all of the Hallmark films that use this. 🙂 Also, I like “The Selection” novel as well. Such a fun, easy read. Fun topic and list!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I do love to binge watch movies that have this trope too 🙂 The Selection is such an easy read and the first three books were really fun to read.


  2. Secret relationship is fun once in a while I have to admit. 🙂 Forced together by circumstance and mind bond are good ones too. Enemies to lovers works sometimes for me too, I don’t read romance but it obviously shows up in YA.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I’ts definitley a personal preference with Harry and Draco, but for me I love their interactions and how their friendship/relationship could go in many directions! But some people pair some interesting characters 😉


  3. That’s a very unique list! I wouldn’t have thought of some of those items. I particularly like when a couple grows instead of falls in love, or doesn’t immediately make the transition from friends to lovers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I really love that slow burn and slow development of the relationship, as it makes when they get together all the more meaningful and impactful 🙂


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