Top Ten Tuesday is an amazing weekly feature by Broke and Bookish.

This weeks TTT is all about the visuals-graphic novels, comics or anything that features illustrations or a different type of print media. I adore comic book movies and television shows, but have never gotten around to going back and reading the source material. Most times it is so intimidating as for some series, Marvel comics for instance, there are so many alternate universes, story-lines, some characters have died or are a different person and so on.

I have thought about starting to get into comics, so here are a couple of the comics, series or graphic novels I really want to read…some day. I did not get to Ten as I am not ‘super’ into comics/graphic novels/ manga at the moment and wanted to only includes ones I really want to read.

  1. Doctor Strange Volume 1: The Way of the Weird– I loved the movie and the Docotor Strange character really intrigues me, so I am planning to go back to the comics and learn more about him.
  2. The Walking Dead- I read about 30 issues but then stopped. Like all book/comic to movie/tv adaptations there are huge differences in the story and characters.
  3. Hawkeye vs Deadpool– I have the collection at home but have not finished it! It is one of the best comics I have started reading as both characters play off each other so well.
  4. Username: Evie -I have heard great things about Joe Sugg and the two books in this series and I am planning to pick up a copy in the next month or so.
  5. Haikyu!! – I have not read much Manga but I really would love to get into it. I adore this anime (even though volleyball games take 5 or 6 episodes to get through) and I really want to experience the story through Manga too.
  6. Deadpool Kills Deadpool-I have read quite a few Deadpool comics as I really wanted to go back to the origin of the character before the movie, and as everyone knows, Deadpool comics (and the animated version) are an experience. So something where there may be two Deadpools trying to kill each other? Sounds like a great comic read.

Hope you liked this weeks (not quite) Top Ten Tuesday. Please give me some recommendations of any graphic novels, comics or manga I should read in the future!


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