After reaching my 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge goal of 52 books in 2016, I am back for more in 2017.

Now that I will be starting my PhD, things should (theoretically) get a little less busy and I cant spend more time reading books! I also will have a ~45 train and bus ride to the lab each morning and afternoon which means more time for reading.

So here are my 2017 reading goals

  • Read 100 books for my 2017 Goodreads Reading Challenge-I completed by goal last year and ended up reading 69 books when my goal was 52. So I thought this year I should aim higher and read 100 books in the year!
  • Have less then 10 unread physical books on my TBR shelf-I love buying books but being a student still i need to watch what I spend. Also I really should not buy books that I wont read in the near future. So this year I will aim to have only 10 physical books on my TBR shelf throughout the year
  • Read some of the Goodreads Awards winners-I often read a lot of books in the same genre, mainly Fantasy and Sci-Fi. So I have decided I will read some of the nominees and winners from the Historical Fiction, Fiction and Mystery & Thriller categories from the 2016 Goodreads Awards.
  • Keep up to date with my reviews and keep running my bookstagram account-I always fall behind on my reviews and have a mad dash to keep with with them, so this year I am aiming to try to keep on top of them and get them out as soon as possible after I have finished the book. I also run an instagram dedicated to books, and would love to continue having fun with that this year.

Here are all my 2017 reading goals. I would love to complete some of the more specific challenges, but I enjoy reading whichever books come out to me at a certain time.

Hope you all have a wonderful year of reading!

4 thoughts on “2017 Reading Goals

  1. I read 50something books in 2015 and 100 books in 2016 so I know it’s a big jump to move from an average of 1 book per week to 2. And doing that with your PhD might be a little challenging. Just don’t stretch yourself too thin. I probably sound like your mom. Haha.
    I’ll be following your blog now so I can see how you do. All the best with your goals.


    1. Thanks! I think I can get through at least one book a week as my total commute is 1.5 hours every day and im a pretty quick reader. Its looking good so far, but it is only the second week of Jan!

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