Another installments of my Book Shop Adventures series where I travel around my city to find new and different bookshops.

After being busy for the holidays I have not had time to go to a bookshop persay, but I finally stopped at one of my local ‘little free library’ to exchange books.

I always cycle by this one on my way to work, and with a book in hand, I took 5 minutes out of my cycle to stop and browse the books.


I decided to exchange my copy of ‘The Disciple’, one of my least favourite books in my collection.

While there were some interesting books I could choose from (however not that copy of Eclipse that is very prominent in the photograph) I decided to choose whichever cover or title stood out most to me.


So I ended up picking Panic by David Marr, which seems to be an ‘essay’ about Australian life and our real or perceived panic about social issues-drugs, crime, the economy. It seems interesting and completley different from what I normally read. Once I finish it, ill go back to the library and see what else I can pick up!

Hopefully i’ll have time next week to stop in at a new book shop before I start my first year of my PhD. Things will probably get more hectic but i’ll try to hit up a new shop at least once a month.

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 10.09.44 pm.png



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