Another week, another bookshop. Today was a day filled with mainly Christmas shopping, but I did detour to this book shop on my way home.

I stopped by Crow Books, a small bookshop on the main cafe and restaurant strip 5 minutes from my house. I have been there a couple times before, but not for a year or so. The interior is so light and comfortable, like a warm library and they have a huge variety of books-from Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Classics and even some of the more popular manga and comic anthologies.


Only picked up the one book today as I have been trying to cut down on my huge TBR pile. I have been looking for a copy of Dark Matter in four other bookshops before this one, so I IMG_9340.JPGjust had to pick it up! I am super excited to start reading and there were so many other books that I had to stop myself from buying. Crow Books seems to have heaps of books and comic anthologies that I can’t find at other bigger book shops.

Their bookmark is also adorable and my book shop bookmark collection is slowly getting bigger (and when i say bigger, i mean i have two now).

If you are in the area i suggest stopping buy, maybe have a coffee from one of the smaller coffee shops down the main stretch. There is also a carpark garden outside the front of the shop at the moment-the perfect reading place when you need to get outside for a while!

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 10.23.17 pm.png


3 thoughts on “Book Shop Adventures #2

  1. Ooh nice bookmark! The only bookshop in my town is a second hand bookshop which doesn’t really have the genres I like. We have a small Waterstones at the nearest shopping centre but choice isn’t great if you don’t like non fiction, crime, YA and women’s fiction!

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