Welcome to my new (hopefully) weekly feature that I have named Book Shop Adventures.

The idea of this feature is that every week I will go to a new book shop in my city-new, second hand, antique or a combination of the above. I’ll write about my experience, buy some books if some take my fancy (there is a 99% chance that at least one will) and I’ll try to get a book mark from wherever I end up going.

Not only will this get me out of the house and exploring more of my city, but it will lead me to finding new and interesting books and shops as well as supporting some local businesses. img_9173

This week I went to my local book exchange at the shopping centre that is a 15 minute bus ride from my house. The Forum Book Exchange has a huge variety of second hand books at around $3-5 each and have heaps of sales and discount events throughout the year.

All of the books are donated and the money goes towards Save The Children. I have been to this shop many times before and have found some massive steals, and this time was no exception.

The first section I immediately head to is the YA section and I was able to pick up the whole Hunger Games series. I don’t actually own any of the books in a physical form and picking up these three for $4 each is an opportunity I just could not pass up.


Next I always check which Tamora Pierce book they have and I always get one or two each time I am there. This time I picked up Page from the Protector of the Small series.

Last book I got was Gone my Michael Grant. I tried to reread this a month ago as I had read it years ago but just could not get back into it. Next year it will be up at the top of my TBR list and i’ll give it another go.

All of these books came out to be $16.00, but in the month of December all books are 50% off so it came out to be only $8 which is a bargain. Second hand book shops are great img_9182because books can be reused and passed around to people who will cherish and enjoy them and whenever our family decides to clean out our book collections (mostly my father, I love collecting books) we always ensure we donate them to these shops.

I now have the first bookmark in my ‘Book Shop Adventures’ collection and I am really looking forward to going to new and interesting book shops and sharing with you all my adventures!


I will continue to update this map with each shop I visit and see where books and adventure takes me!

I hope you enjoyed my first Book Shop Adventure Post and I am so excited for the next one!

2 thoughts on “Book Shop Adventures #1

  1. Awesome idea!! Fremantle used to have a bunch of small independent bookstore, I used to adore Magpie Books, but don’t think there’s many there now. Looking forward to see what other stores you go to – will give me some new stores to visit!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I love walking around Fremantle it has such a great atmosphere. I might block off a day in the next few weeks to wander around book shopping, with the compulsory visit to the markers too!


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