Welcome to my November Wrap up post! With December comes summer down here in Australia so that means more days inside reading/playing WOW. My blog theme for this month will be Christmas themed as even though it will be 40 degrees celsius every day I can imagine it being cold and snowing!


I started off strong this month but did not do much reading in the last week of November.

  • Queen of Shadows
  • Wolf By Wolf
  • The Disciple
  • Illuminae
  • Golden Son
  • Cell 7
  • Front Lines
  • Holding Up The Universe
  • Court of Mist and Fury

I have a huge TBR list for December and I am aiming to get through all of them before i get my Christmas books!


I have not watched my television this month. I watch Law and Order SVU every week but now it is on hiatus until next year. I have been recently catching up on Brooklyn Nine-Nine which is seriously one of the best shows out there. Project Runway is also a weekly watch for me but this season is a little lacklustre.


Doctor Strange was my movie of the month and one of my most favourite movies this year! I also watched Suicide Squad which was a little bit of a letdown.

Also following with the Benedict Cumberbatch theme I finally watched the Imitation Game. The story was really well done and all of the acting was perfection.

Me and my brother are also halfway through watching Warcraft which we are enjoying immensely. Once he gets home tonight we will finish it.


After my Star Dew Valley addiction it has now been replaced with World of Warcraft which is so fun and addictive. I also reached my highest rank in Hearthstone which was Rank 9 and the top 7% of players.

That was my monthly wrap up and I am looking forward to a wonderful holiday season 🙂


2 thoughts on “November Wrap Up

    1. BC has such a high standard to live up to but he always does! Doctor Strange is super amazing and if you see any more films this year you have to see it 🙂


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