Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature by the lovely Broke and Bookish. 

This weeks TTT is a Thanksgiving themed freebie. We don’t do Thanksgiving here in Australia and I am not really into the whole ‘giving thanks’ thing, but i decided to give it a go and feature some of the book series I am thankful for/some of my favourite book series. These series gave me so much joy and entertainment in my childhood, teenage years and now as an ‘adult’.

  1. Harry Potter-A timeless classic. I just found my old books (minus Deathly Hallows which is lurking somewhere in the garage) and all of books are worn down with missing pages and broken spines because i read them so much and took them everywhere with me.
  2. The Inheritance Cycle-I lived these books in my youth. I would fantasise about going to Alagaesia and becoming a rider with Eragon and Murtagh.
  3. A Song of Ice and Fire-I read all of these books in a couple weeks and it really invigorated my love of books and heavy fantasy series. This was probably the first series i had read in a while a couple years ago and here i am now.
  4. Shane Schofield-Matthew Reilly is such an easy author to read and get drawn into his characters and story. Shane Schofield is the typical action hero and his books are full of action and the accidental mass destruction.
  5. Throne of Glass-I demolished the first four books in this series in no time and i am trying to prolong the fifth book for as long as possible before the long wait.
  6. A Court of Thorns and Roses-I just could not with the last book in this series! The charcater progression and plot in this series is so well written and it was nice to be able to sit in bed all day and immerse myself in this series.
  7. Hannibal Lecter-I am a huge Thomas Harris fan and the Hannibal Lecter books are so underrated. This dark mystery and psychological horror books are right up my alley.
  8. Robert Langdon- Dan Brown always writes some interesting books with a lot of history in the pages. I always wanted symbology to be a real subject so i could study a unit or two of it at university.
  9. Lord of the Rings-The lore and history in this series blows my mind. There is fantasy, then heavy fantasy, then Lord of the Rings which is a whole new level. I think I am due for a reread soon.
  10. Jack West Jr-I could not list my favourite series without including one of the few book series that features an Australian main character. These two Matthew Reilly series are similar in some respects but so different in others. While these books are very action packed he manages to weave in some science and ancient history to create some really unique books.

I hope you liked these weeks TTT. A bit simple this weeks but it is always nice to go back to some of the classics and old favourites.

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