Yesterday I was able to go to a book signing of one of my favourite authors Matthew Reilly. If you have not heard of him or read any of his books I definitley recommend you check them out-especially if you are a fan of action series.

Pretty much every time he releases a new book he does a book tour and does signings and Q&As all around Australia, including Perth. Now you may be thinking ‘yes, obviously Perth is a part of Australia so an Australian tour would include Perth’. Well, even though we are a relatively big city, and the largest state in Australia, because of our isolation few tours actually come to Perth on their big Australian tours. But Matthew Reilly always remembers us.

So my close friend, her sister and my self went into the city to Dymocks to attend his book signing for his newest release ‘The Four Legendary Kingdoms’ which i have reviewed here. The line was pretty big, but we got there early and was only around twenty people from the front. The line did move fast and they tried to get things moving quickly as the line was long and they did want to ensure they got through every one. However Matthew was as polite and attentive as always and I did get to speak to him as he was signing my books and get a photo.

I took the time to tell him how i always enjoy his book and i loved his new interpretation of mythology in this book as i have read numerous books that reinterpret classical myths and he did it in such a unique and modern way. I also told him how i love the crossover in this book and it was done in a great way as with any cross over it could venture into ‘fan service’ or just be a ‘crossover for crossovers sake’. He said he was looking forward to doing this cross over for ages and he spent a lot of time making sure that it was done properly and did justice to all of the characters. We then took a photo and I went on my way to lunch with my friends and to buy some more books.

It was such a great experience and this was my 3rd Matthew Reilly book signing. Every time he has been so great and open to have a quick chat about his work which i am so grateful for.

So that was my day yesterday and I can’t wait for the next book signing i will be attending-whenever that may be!

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