Two weeks in to my University holiday i finally got a little bored and decided to sit down and finally watch ‘Suicide Squad’. I am a huge fan of Superhero and Comic Book movies (I am seeing Doctor Strange on Wednesday!) but I must admit I am a little more biased towards Marvel as the DC characters and films just did not give me as much enjoyment and satisfaction. ‘Suicide Squad’ was disappointing and lacked a lot both character and plot wise.

As this is my first ‘Movie Monday’ I am still playing around with the format of these posts, but decided to put my review first and then the movie information and Rotten Tomatoes information at the end as a little bit of supplementary material.


I was disappointed with Suicide Squad. It lacked depth in the characters and the plot, and I must admit I got bored around halfway through.

I just did not care for any of the characters apart from Deadshot -who had the most emotional back story and was the most likeable out of the bunch. I always enjoyed every scene he was in and found my self invested in his character. I could not get into Harley Quinn’s character and for me her dialogue was poorly written and her character was too over the top. It was a lot of ‘fanservice’ and if they had invested more into her character and gave her some moments of vulnerability as well as something other then poorly written jokes she could have been a star. The other characters really had no impact on the movie. Diablo had a lot of promise, but we only got to see him shine at the ending and again he was very two dimensional. His motivation at the end to give in to his power and save the other members of his team was grounded on his feeling of them being like his ‘family’, but we do not get to see any of the team bonding, especially as the film seems to take place over a short period of time. The other members of the team-Katana, Killer Croc and Captain Boomerang had nothing going for them. Little was invested into their back story, and the movie was primarily focused on Harley Quinn and Deadshot. To add insult to injury, they threw in a throw away character (I had to google his name as I honestly forgot) Slipknot who was killed simply to support and drive a plot point.

Speaking of the plot it was very boring and lacked substance. The villain, the Enchantress, and her brother to a lesser extend, was not a memorable villain. We see nothing about her motives, and don’t grow to ‘dislike’ her as we do with other movie villains (see Ultron or Voldemort). She just decides to release her brother and build a machine to destroy humanity. Her dialogue was jumpy and i must emphasise we don’t get to any insight into her character or her motives-why she wants to build this machine, why she wants to destroy humanity, and what in her past drove her to this point.

The cinematography was dull, dark, black and really nothing special-but kept in line with the previous DC movie aesthetic. I yearned for some colour, not full on Marvel colour, but something other than night scenes and different shades of grey.

The one thing i enjoyed about the film was the soundtrack and music choices. In every scene the music was perfectly timed and suited to what was happening and the characters. It set up the atmosphere and added some comic relief and enjoyment to what was a very dull movie. The link to the soundtrack is here.


I love my Superhero movies and have high standards (‘Civil War’ is one of my favourite movies this year). Like all DC movies it tries to take itself too seriously and it lost focus on the important things-solid characters that you get invested in, and an interesting and well though out plot.



“A secret government agency recruits some of the most dangerous incarcerated super-villains to form a defensive task force. Their first mission: save the world from the apocalypse.”

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 10.23.35 PM.png


2 thoughts on “‘Suicide Squad’-Film Review

  1. Fan service about sums up this movie. I was also disappointed for a lot of the same reasons. What really bugged me was that DC had a chance both to take its IP less seriously and do something Marvel never could. And they kind of hedged their bets and did neither.
    I did my best to offer a solution here if you’re interested:

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    1. Yes your post is perfect! They could have played up the Villain aspect so much more and made it more COMICALLY DARK (with dark humour) as opposed to comedic AND dark. Even Marvels dark heroes are still very straight and narrow (Deadpool being a some what exception but he still has some sense of justice and morality by being a ‘bounty hunter’). I love your suggestion of more banter (Deadshot was the only character with personality) and more ‘Villainy’ actions.


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