It’s time for another instalment of First Episode Friday.

After loving my previous FEF, Pitch, so much that I am always watching the next episode as soon as it comes out i am excited to watch another pilot episode. I am a huge fan of Marvel so i am looking forward to binge watching Luke Cage.


The third of the Defenders has their time to shine in a Netflix series and while it starts slow it raises a lot of questions that i need answered..which is precisely what they want us to do. Binge watch incoming!

While we do not see the superhero persona just yet, as with the previous two shows Daredevil and Jessica Jones, we see the beginning of his origin story. This pilot episode is to set up their characters and start to begin the slow build up the the massive conflict. Luke is hardworking, loyal and does not like to use his strength and abilities without just cause. We also know he was sent to prison through some discussions he has with a friend and the flashbacks.  I am interested to see how the flashbacks are incorporated into the story, and hopefully their are not as long and at time boring as the ones featured in Arrow. As for his powers we know he as them, and a close friend or two does too, but how he came to get the powers and how long he has had them we don’t know quite yet.


I really enjoyed the small little hints and nods to the other characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From the outright blatant references to the ‘Incident’ and the avengers, to minor characters and villains like Justin Hammer and Fisk. It’s always exciting as a viewer when you pick up on these little tidbits and feel like you are getting all of the in jokes.

The music and cinematography are on point as with all Marvel and Netflix shows. While most of the scenes do take place at night, they add the right amount of colour so the scenes don’t get murky and muddled. But i am longing for some bright outdoor shots.

Lots of this first episode was setting up all the pieces to be fully explored in the coming episodes. We start to get to know the characters, the players in the Chess game that is Harlem. While Luke is not the typical ‘Hero’ as of now, we see glimpses and I am looking forward to seeing his grow into his role as a hero. I am hoping we see some little cross overs between him and the other heroes in New York, getting advice on how they handle their role, similar to the Flash and Arrow. Hopefully we the writers and directors start to build up the plot that will bring them all together in the Defenders.



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