I am re-starting one of my previous weekly features- First Episode Friday!

Every Friday i review a pilot episode of a television series- whether it be an old classic or some fresh pilot from the networks.

This weeks FEF is ‘Pitch


‘A young pitcher becomes the first woman to play in the Major Leagues.’

I absolutely loved this pilot episode and it is one of the few that made me really excited to watch the second episode. This show focuses around Ginny, the first female to play Major League baseball who is starting her first game after 5 years in the development league and then the minors. We still don’t know much about Ginny, but what we do learn through her flashbacks is the close relationship with her father through baseball , the hard work both of them put in to overcome the gender boundaries in the sport and the respect and love they have for each other (I can relate to this through my owner relationship with my father through sports). We slowly see her relationship with her teammates develop-from the friendship she has with one of the players she played with in the minors to the Captain with whom her playing relationship has a rocky start. Speaking of the Captain, Mike Lawson is the stereotypical captain with an ego and  However he does have an interesting sense of humour, some good bits of dialogue lines and we see his leadership skills come out as he overcomes his initial displeasure at her place on the team and gives her the respect and support a captain should give his players.


The show does not shy away from Ginny’s femininity and the impact her part in the team has on the sporting community-we see girls in the stands with signs and ball for her to sign, we see women and mothers cheering her on and so much media attention surrounding the first female MLB player. However with this comes so much pressure and Ginny struggles with this-the expectation, the criticism so many of the sporting media and personalities has and of course, doing her father proud. This will probably be a huge plot point in the following episodes.

The music in this show is awesome-the hip-hop/classical song that sets the atmosphere for the first scene to the female cover of Symphony for the Devil. With some beautiful cinematography the production quality of this show is up there.




The ending of the show blew me away with a massive and heart breaking twist. I could not believe what was revealed and really finished such a great pilot episode for what should be a great television series.

If you like sports shows and wan’t to watch one with a female main character i strongly suggest ‘Pitch’. I loved this first episode, and hopefully the next 12 episodes of the season are just as good!

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