Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature by the lovely Broke and Bookish. 

This weeks TTT is AUDIO themed. I decided to do my Favourite 7 podcasts to listen to. I really got into listening to podcasts on my bus rides to university when i was in my reading slump. As i got back into reading, i now listen to podcasts when i cycle to work or when i am at the gym working out. I always feel like i am learning something new and it is a nice break from reading a story to listening to one.

So here are my TOP SEVEN PODCASTS!

  1. The Rooster Teeth Podcast– This is my all time favourite podcast. It is an hour to an hour and a half of rambling, stupid Gavin questions, bad science and discussions about recent events that end up going off the rails. I love all the Rooster Teeth staff and personalities and 20 minutes on the treadmill goes so fast.
  2. Welcome to Night Vale- I binge listened to this a year and a half ago, but fell a bit behind in the recent months. It has parts of light heartedness, creepiness and psychological mind games and at times causes you to have an existential crisis. Cecil and Carlos are just darlings. The voice acting is perfect and the writing amazing.
  3. Serial-After Gus on the aforementioned Rooster Teeth Podcast continually bought this up i finally decided to listen to this. It was a well though out story that flowed week to week. I found myself dying to listen to the next episode.
  4. The Angry Chicken-The first Hearthstone podcast i ever listened to. I started when i was so new to the game i had no idea what i was talking out. It is great week to week to hear the latest news and thoughts on a game i enjoy playing.
  5. Undisclosed-This Podcast started after Serial as so many people wanted to hear more about the story of Adnan Sayed. While it does not have the perfectly written and flowing narrative like serial, it goes into way more detail about the little bits of evidence and the witness testimony. It also is produced and features lawyers who have been working on his case and I feel gets into the technical nitty gritty that i really enjoy learning about.
  6. Golden Wisp-Another Hearthstone Podcast. It is a little less casual then TAC and has a bigger focus on tournaments and the meta.
  7. Dude Soup- Dude Soup features Funhaus, a member of the Rooster Teeth Family. It is a video game and pop culture podcast, discussing movies, television shows, video games and technology with a comedy spin. They are all great personalities and again it is a staple workout podcast.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks TTT. If you have any favourite Podcasts i should listen to let me know!

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Seven Podcasts To Listen Too

  1. I really loved Welcome to Night Vale but like you, I lost track of it a bit. I think that’s my main problem with podcasts – keeping up! Maybe one day I’ll go back and catch up because I really did enjoy it. Anyway, great list.

    My TTT

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    1. Thanks! I have the same problem. I am probably a good 20-30 episodes of Night Vale behind so it is a bit daunting to start listening to them again as i have so much to catch up on. 🙂

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