Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature by Broke and Bookish.

This weeks TTT are ten things books have made you want to do or learn after reading them. I must admit after reading books i have been inspired to go out and try new things, learn new things-many of which i never actually do.

1 . Archery

I have always wanted to learn how to properly shoot a bow and get into archery. However i am into more functional archery-for example while riding a horse, in combat or hitting a moving target which also moving. The ‘Hunger Games’ and my love of Legolas from LOTR probably fueled this.

2. Symbology

I think everyone who has read Dan Browns books has fallen in love with Robert Langdon and Symbology. I wish i could attend lectures and have taken lectures on the importance of symbols within history, religion and even modern society.

3. Learn the ‘Ancient Language’ from Eragon

I am 100% not embarrassed to tell you all i started to memorise and learn the words of the Ancient Language from Eragon. I was obsessed with the series and the book during my early teenage years and wished i could be transported to their world, be a dragon rider and learn the Ancient Language and cast magic spells.

4. Sword Fighting

I also wish i could learn Sword Fighting-not fencing but combat sword play to disarm and defeat your opponent. Me and my brother would make wooden swords and duel each other years ago. Probably a combination of LOTR, Eragon and every other Fantasy series lead me to have a fascination with this.

5. Forensic Pathology

For years i dreamt of being a forensic pathologist and doing post mortem’s to determine the cause and manner of death-yes that was my dream job throughout High School before it changed to Medicine and now to Medical Research. I love medical thriller books, especially the Scarpetta and Jack Stapleton books which focus on Forensic Pathology.

6. Blogging

The ‘Newsflesh’ series highlights the importance of blogging and this new form of news and media within modern society. I am really enjoying blogging on this site and writing book, movie and Hearthstone related posts but i am inspired to create a second more opinion based blog in the near future.

7. Travel

Since my first trip to the US last year i really want to take some time in the next couple of years to travel and experience new cultures and history. I am a major history fan and all of the symbolism, art, culture and history included in all of the Dan Brown books makes me want to visit all of those sites and see them for myself.

8. Study and Live with Magic

Who has not read Harry Potter and dreamt of being a Wizard and part of that world. Enough said, lets move on.

9. Play Sports at a High Level

I loved the Specky Magee series as a kid. Most of you probably would have never heard of it but i was a book about a boy who played Australian Football and dreamt of playing in the AFL, the national league. It was bought for my brother but i have always had a love of football, even though it took my until i was 15 to start playing. I would get the next book out of the library and dream of being in his position. They also had a badass female character who tore up the boys at football. Playing in the AFL is still one of my dreams today.

10. Cooking

Reading ‘Silence of The Lambs’ really drove me to learn how to cook and work on creating new and interesting gourmet dishes….

Just Kidding! I could not resist throwing in a cannibalism joke.

Hope  you enjoyed this weeks TTT and share with my your lists!



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