Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature by Broke and Bookish.

This week is ‘Freebie week’ for TTT, so i decided to be simple and do ‘ten books i have read recently.’

1 .Glass Sword


The second book in the increasingly popular ‘Red Queen’ series, and it starts off pretty much where the last book left off. It has the perfect combination of action, fantasy, and a little bit of romance. Another great YA fantasy series.

2. We Are The Ants


I adore this book, it is heartbreaking and charming and touches on so many parts of childhood and growing up. Everyone can relate to something in this book.

3. Blackout


The last book in one of my favourite YA series. This is a great end to the ‘Newsflesh Trilogy’. Georgia and Shaun are great characters, though my favourite part of the book is the new way they approached Zombies-how they are created, how the behave and how they are killed.

4. The Fill-In Boyfriend


What can i say? A typical YA romance book with a trope used multiple times in fanfics (fake!boyfriend hell yes). It is a great romance book to read when you need a break from the dark dystopian YA books.

5. Death Benefit


I love a good medical thriller, but i felt Death Benefit was only halfway there for me-especially as many of Robin Cook’s other books were great reads.

6. Modern Romance


A very different book from what i normally read. I love Aziz’s voice throughout the book and it was a very interesting read and a great social commentary on how romance, dating, marriage and love has changed between the generations, driven primarily by the increasing presence of technology in out lives.

7.  The Patient


Another medical thriller, Patient is what drove me to read more books in this genre. With a massive plot twist, lots of science and an awesome female doctor it ticks all the boxes.

 8. Fangirl


I had heard so much positivity regarding this book and decided to pick it up earlier this year. Not groundbreaking for me, and will not be the top of any of my lists, but it still is a good read. I relate far to much with Cath though….

9. Red Queen


I mentioned the second book in this series earlier and i had to include this one too. One of the first books i read this year it kicked off my YA book binge for the year.

10. This Is Where it Ends


An amazing emotional book-and it has so much relevance now. Great writing, storytelling and characters that you connect to instantly.

That concludes my TTT for this week. As always, share with me your lists and recommendations!

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- Ten Books I Have Read Recently

  1. It looks like you’ve done some varied reading recently!
    I’ve been wanting to read Fangirl because of all of the positive attention its been getting, but I’m afraid, like you, it won’t exactly be groundbreaking and I’ve so much else I want to read. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and get it done.
    My TTT

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its a quick read, very light hearted and typical YA romance book. Defs give it a go and get it read if it seems like something you would like 🙂


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