Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature by Broke and Bookish.

I love browsing through Goodreads and checking out the upcoming releases for the year, so this weeks TTT was perfect. All of these books look awesome and i cannot wait to read them.

1 Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


This has to be number one on my list. Another member of the Harry Potter universe, the series of my childhood that has such an important and well respected place in my heart. Expected publication July 31st

2. The Female of the Species


This looks awesome. A YA thriller with murder and a dark female character. There have been some great initial reviews of this book, as well as other books by this author so i am eagerly awaiting the release. Expected publication September 20th

3. All the Feels


Goodreads recommended this to me as i did enjoy ‘Fangirl’ and other similar books. While the description and general plot of the book is quite ‘silly’, it does appeal to me as a light hearted book to read between those heavy dystopian and psychological horror books i normally am buried in. I know it was released a couple days ago, but i count this as being in the second half of the year. Published June 7th. 

4. Scythe


I am a sucker for YA dystopian Sci-Fi books. I have it really bad with these books. ‘Scythe’ seems like a book that i will love. It is set in a world where disease has been eliminated and the only way people die is to be killed by professional reapers. Two teenagers are destined to be Scythe’s apprentices and only one of them will be chosen. November cannot come quicker. The cover also reminds me of RWBY. Expected publication November 22nd. 

5. Rise: A Newsflesh Collection


I am currently on the final pages of the last book of the Newsflesh series and i have loved every second of these books- the universe, the characters and the story. The chance to delve deeper into some of the lore and companion material to this series excites me and i love Mira Grant and her writing. Expected publication June 21st. 

6. Saving Hamlet


I cannot resist picking this one up once it is released. Sci-fi, romance, time-travel and Shakespeare. One might think these might not make the best combination, but ‘Saving Hamlet’ might be the book to do it. Expected publication November 21st. 

7. This is our Story


I am a huge fan of thriller, mystery and crime books. With a female lead character, an intern at the District Attorney’s office (think Clarice and the FBI in my favourite book ever) and a murder case with four potential suspects this is right up my alley. Expected publication November 15th

Seven more books to add to my every growing ‘To Read’ list. Halfway through the year and i have to get moving on my 2016 reading challenges! Don’t forget to share with me your TTT for this week and as always give my recommendations 🙂

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