Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature by Broke And Bookish.

Long time no TTT and how have i been missing it! This week is my favourite non-bookish websites-so i chose my favourite 5(Goodreads would be an instant include if this was book related).

1 Reddit

I never used reddit in the past but i have fallen in love with it over the last couple of months. I always browse the Hearthstone, Dance Moms, Ru Pauls Drag Race and Project Runway reddits to keep up to date with news and interesting things. In particular i always check the Hearthstone reddit daily for tournament news, interesting decks or other related things.

2. Youtube

This one is a given-i watch so many different youtubers and videos. It is nice to set aside time and watch one or two 5-10 minute videos as a break and chill out time. FunHaus, Roosterteeth, Yogscast are my go-to creators, as well as beauty videos by Jeffree Star, Grav3yardgirl and twitch highlights from my favourite streamers.

3. Twitch

Speaking of Twitch i have been watching so many streams, both tournament and just general streams. It is a very different medium and being able to have the audience interaction. Again Hearthstone streamers are what i what the most, in particular Brian Kibler (who is adorable btw).


Ah yes, the (infamous?) Buzzfeed. It is so easy to waste time browsing through random lists, doing personality tests to find which member of One Direction is your soulmate. However it is awesome in giving health and fitness tips, new healthy recipe ideas and i always enjoy their book lists as it exposes me to different authors and genres. Their GOT theories and recaps also are handy.

5. Netflix

So convenient to binge watch any TV show. Feel like watching a whole season of House in a weekend? Or watching one Leonardo Di Caprio movie then being recommended another 5 or 6 more afterwards. Netflix is for you. I also just watched the Shadow Hunters tv show (based off the Mortal Instruments) and boy was it an experience.

These are not very unique or different websites, but i do love them- even if they are very cliche’ and mainstream!

Let me know where you spend all your non-book related time on the internet!

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