There are two things i love collecting- Pop! Vinyls and Marvel merchandise. So when i saw Collector Corps i knew it was a subscription box i needed to try.

Lets check out this months Collector Corps. The April 2016 theme was ‘Captain America: Civil War’.

I love the box that all of the items come in. The outside design is eye catching with some really unique art. I also adore the inside of this box with the art work depicting the two sides of the Civil War conflict.

Inside every box is a patch and a badge related to the months theme. I would have loved if this months badge and/or patch was Captain America, however i like the inclusion of some different and new characters.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 5.32.29 PM

Inside every box there is a Pop! Vinyl figure- which is great as i am an avid collector. There is also an exclusive variant cover comic. The last two boxes i have received also included a shirt and a Dorbz figure.

The dual pack of Pop! Vinyl’s is my favourite item i have received in any box. I was planning to buy some if not all of the Civil War range so receiving these is awesome.

I do love the shirt but this is not something i will wear out to university or the lab where i do my research, rather lounge around in at home.

The Dorbz figure is going in my fledgling collection, with the Deadpool Dorbz figure i received in the February crate. They are very simple designs and adorable.

The Comic books is a great way to introduce people to one of the new characters in the MCU ‘Black Panther.’ He was a superstar and a really interesting character in the movie (which i have seen and it is ridiculously entertaining).

Lastly there is a lanyard. I do have a special university one that u wear with my access card and student card to the building, so this will be used to hold the badges i receive in these boxes.

This box is a bit more expensive then most of the other Subscription boxes out there, but the value is totally worth it. Especially receiving a Pop! Vinyl figure in each box along with other Marvel Exclusive items!

Next months theme is Women of Power which is super exciting. Hoping for a Captain Marvel figure *hint hint*


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