Hey guys,

Firstly-  am still here, alive and well. I have been crazy busy with university at the moment, Honours is so intense and at the moment there seems to be so much to do with no time.

I have actually slowed down with my reading… of books that is. If i could write reviews about journal articles about T cells and mesothelioma i would but i doubt they would be very entertaining to read.

I am also struggling this month ranking in Hearthstone. My beloved Tempo-Mage is just not working, whether it is the meta at the moment, my play style or just RNG and bad luck i have not won many games. I am looking at more decks (with what cards i have) and will pre-order the new expansion. I think people are playing so many weird decks as we wait for Standard and the new expansion as people are just tired of the Control Warrior, Zoo-lock and Secret Paladin. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks i can get back on track and get into the top 10 ranks like my goal.

Anyways, long story short- TLDR:

So much university work and research for my Honours, not enough time. Will be back writing regularly soon!



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