So the new ‘Civil War’ trailer dropped a couple days ago and i am even more excited for this movie then i was before. I had going to the midnight premier in my sights until i realised it was the same day as my Honours Preliminary seminar- and i owe it to myself and to my supervisor no to be up until 3am at the movies and then have to present and defend my research project. I am definitley seeing it 2 days after it is realised and i am determined to attend in cosplay even if i am the only one at the cinema in costume. Enough rambling lets see the all important second trailer for the third ‘solo’ Captain America movie.

  • So after a dramatic scenic shot of some snowy tundra we see Bucky in some sort of tube-whether it is a prison or something that helped him survive, regenerate and maintain his superhuman ability we are not sure. Last time we saw him he had just saved Steve at the end of Winter Solider and in the previous trailer was on the run- so how he ended up back in his Winer Soldier outfit in some sort of facility is a mystery…or flashback- but i am leading towards something in the present
  • They then show every place that has been effected/destroyed by the Avengers/Super Heroes over the last couple of movies….years. We see Sam, Natasha and Steve look remorseful as they witness the destruction- for a moment i was trying to defend them and say it could have been worse if not for them. But the Battle of New York was because of Shield and Loki, the events of Washington DC because of Shield and the whole of Age of Ultron was because of Tony.
  • ‘That is why i’m here- we need to be put in check’ Tony says. I am glad he learned his lesson after AOU, but this is a bit extreme what he wants
  • Bucky and Panther epic chase scene and possible fight scene- i’m down


  • ‘The safest hands are still our own’ Steve says in the voice over as Tony protects himself from being shot by Bucky with his own iron man glove! DAMN THAT SYMBOLISM.
  • The trailer shows Bucky shooting a gun then cuts to Rhodes being shot down and cradled by Tony (we don’t know whether he is dead or alive). Bucky’s clip is set at night while War Machine is during daylight- but i wonder whether this is true foreshadowing and Bucky is responsible,  or a red herring to make us think so. I am hoping the latter.
  • ‘I was wrong about you..the whole world was wrong about you’- Tony. There are so many different people he could be saying this about. He could be saying it to Steve and that he is not the perfect hero everyone, including him thought he was. I have a theory that it is relating to Bucky, but we shall see after once the movie is released whether this may be the case.
  • ‘This doesn’t have to end in a fight Tony’ Steve says as he is in a kitchen. It then cuts to them fighting in a totally different location which may me the ‘storage facility’ Bucky was in at the beginning of the trailer. Interesting.
  • Ok we see them epic Bucky and Black Panther fight scene- or at least a clip of it. Excitement intensifies.


  • Scarlet Witch is overpowering Vision…either something is up with Vision, he may be weakened or letting her win, or Scarlet Witch is totally OP.
  • We see Hawkeye and Ant Man. As we knew before this trailer the are brining in pretty much everyone in the MCU but no Hulk sightings at the moment and none foreseen.


  • I just want to know the context for the epic fight scene at the airfield. ‘Hey guys, lets fight. But first we line up on either side in our team and epically run towards each other in an orderly and totally epic style.’


  • And then we have Tony say something that i can’t quite make out apart from ‘I am  out of patience’ and then  SPIDER MAN DROPS FROM SOMEWHERE IN THE SKY, WEBBS STEVES HANDS TOGETHER, TAKES THE SHIELD AND SAYS HEY. His costume looks very CG/cartoon like and i don’t know how i feel about that as i liked the outfits in both the previous film franchises but i have seem photos and it looks slightly better. I am just itching to know the context of this fight!

This trailer just adds more and more mystery and questions about this film- which is perfect for a trailer. I am so excited to see this is cinemas in a month and a half.

Let me know what you guys thought about the trailer and your hopes/theories for the movie!

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