Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature by Broke And Bookish.

This weeks TTT is based around characters i like and people don’t, or characters i don’t like but people seem to love. Everyone has a character they love but so many dislike- and everyone has a character they dislike but everyone adore.

Characters I Like But People Don’t

1 . Jamie Lannister (GOT)

I blame this on the television show- as he gets such a bad rap throughout the early seasons, and only now are we truly seeing what he is really like. I love him in the books and his character and personal story development growth though each books is really something else. People just don’t seem to like him as much as i do.

2.  Sansa Stark (GOT)

While i am on the topic of Game Of Thrones i must profess my love for Sansa Stark. Again she seems to get a bad rap in the television show but even so i adore both book Sansa and HBO Sansa. You have to remember she is so young at the beginning of the series, and of course she would be infatuated with the Prince showing interest in her and so naive about the world and how things really work. Once she wises up though she i a force to reckon with and manipulates and plays the game well, especially throughout the later books.

3.  Murtagh (Eragon)

While i don’t think there were many people who disliked Murtagh, there was definitely not enough Murtagh appreciation going on. I just really like him- the way he embraced being a dragon rider, t his power, the revelation that pretty much everything about his personal life was not true but he still pushed on and became a powerful badass- who got involved with the wrong crowd, i must admit. But hey- he is a cool character.

4. Susan (Coma)

I love Susan with all of my heart, but i have read many a review of people who were just not fans of her character. I think she is strong, determined and extremely intelligent and i aspire to be like her.

5. Peeta (The Hunger Games)

I adore Peeta and i think as the series goes on he grows and develops as a person and a character. He comes into his own and he really does cop a bit from many fans and readers.

Characters I Don’t Like but people seem to love

6. Severus Snape (Harry Potter)

People seemed to cling on to the redemption arc at the end of the final book. While i do know there are many people who still can’t look past his prior actions and treatment of Harry, there are so many who like him and can forgive everything he has done. While it was a bit of a ‘plot twist’ and i did enjoy the whole double agent aspect i just can’t  buy into the whole ‘always’ and his long lasting love for Lily.

7. Christian Grey (Fifty Shades)

Oh yes the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey love interest. While i won’t say that lots of people love him, the popularity of the book speaks for itself with many women looking at him as their ideal man. I just can’t get into a guy who is crazy controlling, jealous and just have very toxic relationships-no matter how wealthy or attractive he is.

8. Gale Hawthorne (The Hunger Games)

I did not really subscribe to the whole #teampeeta or #teamgale debate in both the movies and the books, but i will say i was happy that Peeta came ahead. While i don’t necessarily dislike Gale, i just don’t really feel anything about him.

9.Arya (Eragon)

Ugh- i wanted to like her. A strong female character who is super strong, intelligent and a Princess but there was something lacking in her character. I just wanted something more and i just could not love her like i wanted to.

10. Edward (Twilight)

Another Christian Grey- well actually Grey is another Edward because he is the Fan Fiction equivalent. Again such a toxic and controlling relationship but i remember in the peak of Twilight fever, i think maybe 2008/2009 , he was everyones dream man.

There is my list of So/So Characters- characters that many have vastly different opinions on. Sorry for this post being late, this week has been hectic for me at university.

As always i love your recommendations, comments, and links to your TTT’s for this week ❤


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