Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Broke And Bookish.

This week’s theme was ‘Ten Books To Read If You Are In The Mood For X’. I have been reading a whole lot of medical thrillers at the moment, and have read many an action/thriller in the past- and so i decided to dedicate my list to books to read when you need something exciting and action packed.

1 Coma


One of the best books i have read in the last 12 months, Coma really encouraged my love for medical thrillers which has now escalated into an obsession- my Goodreads page is an example of this. I loved this book and the way it combined medicine, science and action into a great reading experience.

2. The Da Vinci Code


What a classic, and for some reason whenever i think of this book i feel like it has an infamous reputation, though i am not sure why. It took me a while to actually pick up this book and start it  but once i did i could not stop and moved on to the other books Dan Brown has authored and always keep up to date with his new releases. The movie is also a good watch, i love Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon and i must admit have a bit of a crush on him.

3. Temple


This is the first Matthew Reilly book i ever read and i have reread it countless times while stroking the signature i got on the inside cover. Side note, Matthew is a great person and if you get the chance to meet him please do. Reilly is a stereotypical action writer, and i always laugh when i read his books as he loves to use exclamation marks very generously. For a couple years a movie has been suggested- which book is made into the film i don’t really care they are all great.

4. The Great Zoo of China


While i am in my Matthew Reilly frame of mind i also recommend ‘The Great Zoo of China’ if you are into a thriller mixed with some fantasy elements- like dragons. With a strong female character, a hint of politics, guns and explosions galore and dragons this book is a real ‘thrill’ and i stayed up until 4am to read it before i got it signed by the author himself.

5. The Patient


I found Michael Palmer as i was looking for another Medical Thriller to read that is not by Robin Cook and my first experience with Palmers writing as i read The Patient was an enjoyable one. He is a bit more heavy on the action then Cook, and a bit less importance is placed on the science (this is evident in one of his other books i have read, Fatal which just didn’t appeal to me as much. The Patient is about a neurosurgeon who uses robots to remove tumours and involves a crime lord and and ex-CIA operative.

6. Feed 


Feed is one of my more recent reads and is a bit more of a stereotypical thriller in that it involves Zombies. It is also thrilling as it delves into the politics and culture of blogging in the new zombie infested world, which may be thrilling to some but not so much to others. There was a massive twist towards the end of the book so i am excited to see where that goes when i read the next instalment of the series.

7. Gone Girl


More of a ‘crime thiller’, which i used to read a lot but have fallen out of favour with them in the last year or so for some unknown reason. I had watched the movie first and decided to read the book as i enjoyed the story so much- and  9 times out of 10 the book is always better then the movie.

8. Red Dragon


How could i write about thrillers without mentioning a true classic and one of my favourite books of all time. I just love Will Graham, Hannibal Lecter and Red Dragon is my favourite  book out of the ‘series’.

9. Deception Point


One of the lesser known Dan Brown books but one of my personal favourites. Featuring NASA, meteors, conspiracy and politics i always get a bit sad when this is never spoken about as being one of Dan Browns best books.

10. The Lincoln Lawyer


I just recently re-watched the movie and thought it was high time to reread the book. Michael Connelly was one of the first crime writers i had read books by and while i did try to keep up to date with his releases he write books at such a fast rate that i couldn’t have kept up if i tried.

Share with me your TTT’s and give me all our recommendations!


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books To Read If You Are In The Mood For A Thrill

  1. Lovely list! Dan Brown & Thomas Harris are my favorite authors! Based on your list I would recommend you Harvest / Life Support (or Rizzoli / Isles series) by Tess Gerritsen. All of them are medical thrillers 🙂 They’re kind of dark but hey no darker than Hannibal books. My TTT

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  2. Great List! I think Gone Girl is my least favorite Gillian Flynn book, or at least Dark Places is my favorite. Gone Girl was the way better movie of the two though. I may also just think that because I have an unhealthy love for Ben Affleck no matter what he does lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think Ben Affleck was great in the movie. I’m definitely reading some of her other books in the near future, especially if they have a possibility of being better then Gone Girl as i really enjoyed it.


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