Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by the one and only Broke and Bookish.

This week is a Valentines Day Freebie! I really wanted to do my Top Ten Fictional Crushes but halfway through writing the list i realised it was very similar to my Top Ten Favourite Characters (Draco Malfoy, Jamie Lannister, Will Graham, Captain America).

Instead i decided to do my Top OTPs- which is defined by Urban Dictionary if you are unfamiliar with the term as “One True Pairing. Meaning the your favourite combination of characters in a fandom.”  So lets get started with my 5 of my favourite bookish OTPS

1 Georgia and Rick (Feed)


Feed  is a recent read (review here) and i just couldn’t help but think about Rick and Georgia having some sort of relationship in the back of my mind as i was reading. I really wouldn’t like something too ‘mushy’ or overly romantic, especially of this would definitely have no place in the book and be very out of character for Georgia, i would have like to see a closer relationship between the two and just more interaction as the limited time they had together in the book was really enjoyable.

2. Harry and Draco (Harry Potter…duh)


Don’t judge, but i just really love these characters together- even if it seems to be far from canon and it is probably my favourite OTP. They are just so different and individual, and when they did have interactions throughout the series they were probably my favourite moments. The bathroom scene with Sectumsempra; all of the Quidditch scenes: and of course the final battle scene just to name a few. I also have read way to much fan fiction of the two- with some of them just so well written and perfect. This is just my favourite character combination.

3. Spock and Kirk (Star Trek)

startrek2Think the Original Series- the chemistry and the relationship in the show was just incredible- and the same is definitely evident in the books. I have only read a couple of the books but the team work and communication between Spock and Kirk makes them the perfect Captain and First Officer combination and a very popular pairing even now.

4. Shane ‘Scarecrow’ Schofield and Elizabeth ‘Fox’ Grant (Scarecrow Series)


These two are prefect together, and *spoiler* i am so sad that they couldn’t spend long with each other. It was really great to see their relationship grow throughout each book and how each person grows and develops as their relationship blossoms. Whenever one of these books is made into a movie i hope the casting is perfect.

5. America and Maxon (The Selection Series)

dad68-originalWe knew it was inevitable that these two would end up together, but it did not mean we couldn’t enjoy the ups and downs, the plot twists and the heartbreak that featured throughout their relationship. This was probably one of the more romance based book series i have read and what kept me interested when many times before i just put down the book was the way the romance was written. These two had just perfect moments and interactions, and i can’t wait to finally read the next books in the series and see where it goes from there.

Hope you all liked me TTT for this week (it was more like a top five Tuesday). Share with me your lists as i would love to see what you all did for this weeks Valentines Day Freebie ❤

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 5 Bookish OTPs

    1. Spirk is just so great to read about and watch. TOS portrayed it perfectly, and Into Darkness really showed their relationship grow, so hopefully it gets played up even more in the next movie.:)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I know. I must admit when J.K came out and said that even 20 years into the future they still are not on the friendliest of terms, or even that Draco did not really want to be his friend.


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