‘Feed’ has been on my reading list for ages- and finally i was able to get my hands on a copy. This book was absolutely amazing with so many plot twists, a great setting and after reading the book in just a couple of days i have no idea what books 2 and 3 have in store.


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The year was 2014. We had cured cancer. We had beaten the common cold. But in doing so we created something new, something terrible that no one could stop.

The infection spread, virus blocks taking over bodies and minds with one, unstoppable command: FEED. Now, twenty years after the Rising, bloggers Georgia and Shaun Mason are on the trail of the biggest story of their lives – the dark conspiracy behind the infected.

The truth will get out, even if it kills them.

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i love just this story. Firstly the combination of a zombie book where there has been a massive zombie outbreak that has completely changed the world with politics and blogging makes for a really great read. The way Grant tackled the very cliche ‘zombie plague’ was new and something i had never encountered before. While it is similar to that of the zombies in TWD, where humans become infected and turn when they die, i love the focus on the virus and the viral load. The virus was created when two man made virus’ created to cure cancer and the flu mutated in such a way that it resulted in the creation of the zombie. I also love how she addressed what happened to the animals that may have been infected with the virus- only animals that are bigger can undergo viral amplification and turn. This new twist on zombies with the virus also makes the detection of whether someone is infected and if they will turn easier, and i really enjoyed the testing devices and the exploration of the extent to which people would ensure that others are clean of the virus.

The story follows Georgia and Shaun Mason, adopted brother and sister, as they travel as part of the press with one of the leading republican presidential candidates. We see them fight off zombie hordes, work with their team of bloggers to create a successful news site and most importantly uncover a conspiracy of massive proportions. Every sentence of this book i was hooked- the pacing was perfect and not once was i bored. There was just enough politics and ‘news’ in the book that balanced perfectly with the action and ‘zombie’ aspects of the story. There were one or two minor plot twists and one massive plot twist that i don’t think anyone saw coming- i was completely shocked. At the end of the book i have no idea where they will go in the next book of the series.

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I loved Georgi and Shaun and the relationship between them. They grew up together with parents who blatantly used them for publicity in a world where blogging is one of the major sources of news and entertainment. The sibling relationship is touching, however it does verge on very codependent- think Sam and Dean Winchester. However it is totally understandable considering their background and the world that they live in. Buffy is one of their closes friends and the third member of the core team that runs their blogging site. While i do like Buffy, i find some of her actions questionable, especially one of here decisions that really shaped the rest of the story. I just wish we had more of an insight into her motives. Rick is also one of my other favourite characters from the book. he joins the group as a thirty year old ex-print journalist who defected from his failing candidate he was following on the campaign trail. While it did take him times to fully become part of the team i really loved his interactions with Georgia and Shaun, and i must admit at times i really wanted him and Georgia to have a nice romantic moment- nothing too gushing or romantic, but something small. Nonetheless i really enjoyed all of the characters in the book and i though they were developed and characterised wonderfully,

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I absolutely loved this book- it actually is my favourite zombie book i have ever read. It combines the good old zombie plot with politics, journalism and with a small hint of science. The viral base of the zombie virus is probably the best through-out scenario i have encountered and i made my science loving heart very happy.

I might have to take a break before reading the next book in the series as i am still emotionally compromised from this first book.


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